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Bonds / How to Train Your Dragon

By ccaru
So this is my entry for the HTTYD contest! Yes, I know, it's not the big deal. I saw some amazing satuff there already, but I wanted to enter just to have the opportunity. I must admite that I neved took art classes, that's why I'm still working hard on my style and coloring... so, even whit that, I'm happy to be able to share this kind of contests whit so many talented people, and that' why I did this, simple, as much as I can do now. Cloudjumper is my favorite dragon, I love how he and Toothless simbolize the bond between Hiccup and his mother (whom I actually adore too, duh) and that's why I picked them. 
Good luck everybody!
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Out of the semi-finalists, yours is seriously my favorite 2015YupiANanEmote006 
I also would've done Toothless and Cloudjumper if I had the time and confidence...
It's so BEAUTIFUL~*fangirling intensifies* (chat icon) 
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Oh, you made my day <3 thank you so muchhh!!
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I love your style here. Gorgeous.
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This is amazing! Congrats on being a semifinalist! 
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Thanks youu <3
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So,  good uncle Clooudjumper is helping Toothless to feed his always hungry hatchlings? That's so cute
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Yeyy! Thankss!
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I love how you used colors here, so unique :)
This is drawn absolutely perfectly. Good job. 
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Awesome! It reminds me a little bit of a japanese style with the texture and lineart
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Wow, this is so beautiful and adorable, Caru! :love: I also think these two kinda symbolize the bond between Hiccup and Valka, and I like to see Cloudjumper as some kind of adoptive parent to Toothless ^^

Artwise, you may think it's "no big deal", but allow me to disagree on this point ;) To me, this piece is not only lovely and endearing because of how the bond between this two is clearly visible, but it's also very appealing visually: I love its minimalistic approach, the colors are candy for the eye, and the flawless composition adds a lot of gracefulness to their flight, as well as a nice sense of motion. I can almost see them swirling in the air :)

This is one of my favorite entries, really. I wish you the best of luck in the contest, for you definitely deserve a win :heart:
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Thank you so much, your comment made my night and I'm happy that you could see what I tried to express ♥
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Wow, this is great! The style is striking and you can clearly see the bond you spoke of in their expressions.
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The big red one clearly thinks bigger. Reminds me of one of the owls I work with.
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Hahhaha exactly!
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Adorble thatd alot of fish XD
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Hhahaha thankss
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Ohh, i love the palette, reminds me those classic traditional japanese paintings.
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Buena suerte en el concurso! :D
Tu dibujo es genial ^^
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