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All that Jazz

By cc-Designs

I had some creative ideas in the past few days, inspired by
my new Dickies knitwear and by the jazz music of Diana Krall
and the movie 'Chicago' (where the deviation title comes from).

It's a bit different, but I'm really liking it.
And feedback/comments/favs are appreciated.

Thank you.

Status: For Sale | Finished: 08/12/2007

P.S.: [link]
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dainix's avatar
The whole design is so nice! :)
ryanbdesigns's avatar
love this design, it's awesome!
hey, great job!!
Where from did you get the texture for the background?
If your ok with it, I`d like to use it :))
ramphool's avatar
good job.

please view my profile....


nNero's avatar cool
manicolorz's avatar
HI!!! you have been featured here [link] :D
UbbeDall's avatar

this guy totally copied you.. -_-
cc-Designs's avatar
Thanks man, I really appreciate your effort for being so honest. I reported this **** to deviantART and I really hope they ban him asap.

Thanks again, because I would have never found this copy on my own!
UbbeDall's avatar
No problem mate, I've personally had my own blog ripped quite a few times, and it's just so lame to see how your hard work is copied and branded as someone elses work.

Even though it was ages since I favorited your work, it was such a good design I instantly recognized it when I saw the copy ;)
cc-Designs's avatar
Hehe.. well, thanks again for the fav. :D

You're totally right. It's really lame, but the person responsible for this eventually apologized.
berkgun's avatar
Featured [link]
Good one!
cc-Designs's avatar
Please check this. Someone trying to sell this design.

cc-Designs's avatar
Dude, I am so angry right now. I e-mailed the admins from the said page and I hope they're gonna ban him asap. Thank you so much for your help - cannot thank you enough! :highfive:
No problem. When I saw this design on that website, I just knew that I have already seen it somewhere. Fortunately the first place I looked is deviantart. :)

Your design are good.
cc-Designs's avatar
Thanks mate. :)

Glad he's banned now. What a bold thief!
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really nice work
cc-Designs's avatar
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very nice design :+fav:
owsian's avatar
Nice work! :wave:

featured on: [link] :]
Igorka's avatar
Pretty design. I miss only one thing, there's no shades and lights on objects.
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