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As you all know (maybe) I am the founder of this group and over the years that I've had DeviantART I have lost my interest with this band. I don't really listen to them anymore and I'm not really active on the group so I've decided to give my founder position to someone who really loves the band and will maintain the group or I will shut the group down. Please let me know which you prefer.
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Andy Biersack


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Our Savior...Andy Black by CageBladeBriggs
| Andy Black | by EllisSG
HAPPY (latelatelatelate) BIRTHDAY LO by Rinalpha
Ashley Purdy
Ashley Purdy Doll by DerseDragon
Ashes by SilveRose1192
Galaxy Ashley Purdy by SilveRose1192
3D Ashley by SilveRose1192
CC Christian Coma
Christian Coma by anadermanovicsart
christian coma by SilveRose1192
CC Page Doll by DerseDragon
Christian Coma by SilveRose1192
Jake Pitts
Concert's Gift - FOUR - Jake Pitts by KatarinaAutumn
Jake Pitts black veil brides by xxdaswarwohlnix
The Mourner by The13th-Warrior
Chibi Jake eating cookie x3 by samibvb96
Jinxx Page Doll by DerseDragon
Concert's Gift - THREE - Jinxx by KatarinaAutumn
Do Not Jinxx Me by KatarinaAutumn
Jinxx the Ripper by AllyRyde

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More Than One Band Member
Black Veil Brides by Koyakuro

Submitting To This Group:

- If you wish to submit a photo manipulation or edit, keep in mind it has to change the original image, and it can't just be reversed colours; it has to look like you spent a while on it. No cheap looking edits will enter this group. However, we do accept journal skins and stamps.

- Any pictures of merch, shirts, fan-made merch (not involving the band), posters, CDs, signed stuff, the logo, fans not inspired by the band, past band members, or whatever else go into Featured.

- Any photograph, craft, edit, or drawing of one band member goes into the folder of their name.

- Any pictures with multiple band members go into More Than One Band Member.

- Any pictures of Sammi Doll that include Jinxx are put into Jinxx's folder. Any pictures of just Sammi, or Sandra, go into Featured.

- Any written work, inspired by a song, or involving a certain band member, go into the Literature folder.

- Any pictures inspired by a song, a band member's makeup or you cosplaying as a band member, go into Inspired By. A picture including a band member but the theme was inspired by a song goes in as well, such as album covers.








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samibvb96 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Photographer
Thanks for accepting me(: 
maybe I can post my BVB fan fic on this page :D
LivingDeadSmurf Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the accepting :D <3
CuttingTies Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Does the "not submitting pictures you didn't make" reply to the preview image things at the top of fanfics?
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RadiantWingz Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Artist
i love bvb.......... so much forever and always... my friends and i are forming a band....

we have a army, we have halk, ppfffttt we have cc
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Animelovergirll Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Can i in the group pleas here is a picture from me [link]
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