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Megabyte Redesigned WIP

This is basically the first draft of the model.. im still going to go back and tweek things up.. detail spots I rushed, re size and edit proportions of things, as well as texturing and colouring and such.. so still much more to come.

However this is pretty much the basic of him so any and all feedback is welcome n_n
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Can you share the model?

Hello! I realise you’ve not been active since 2016 but a small team of dedicated fans are looking to animate our own little series. Would you be interested in allowing us access to using your model or even, would you be interested in joining us? 
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any chance for a download to this at some point?
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Would I possibly be able to get the model files from you somehow?
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Very, very nice.
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Hey, I was about to start modelling this guy. I'm wondering what you used for reference? Did you use screencaps or have you found image planes? Any info would be appreciatted, Thanks. The model looks fantastic.
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Very cool work.
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Are you ever going to finish this?
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Omg very good job!!
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I'd love to see it with a texture.

Keep up the lovely work!
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VERY impressive!
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Frickin' amazing!
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Very nice work !!
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I don't know if anyone said this yet, but Tony Jay would be proud if he saw this.
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It's a nice looking model. I love the details you added on the shoulders and armor, plus the tubes on the neck from the original design! Very cool, tho I wonder if the shoulder details might get in the way of rigging....

My only major critique would be to touch up and streamline the feet, so they have the same feel as the arms, round the square leg muscle-stack things so they flow smoother like actual muscles, AND give him bigger boobs. Coz Megabyte? He is STACKED. :3

Great piece!
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thank you!,

yeah everything fater his head and shoulders i just kinda quickly threw together.. trying to make it look as close to original megabyte as posible.. iv recently drawn him again.. making changes i like rather then trying to make his as original as possible to please everyone xD its just a fun project anyways.. ill prop post the sketch plus continue work on the 3d one
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may i color he?
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I sapose so.. you mean colour the 3d model itself or just overtop the image I made?
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Colour 3d model like this => [link] [link] or [link]

I work in Photoshop)))
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oh well by all means go for it! n_n I look forward to seeing your outcome
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Very if only they made him looks as good as this in the show it would be totally stellar....
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