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Mission Impossible IMF 2011

"Good Morning, Mr. Phelps."

As part of my logo development/practice, and being interested not only in science fiction, but spy fiction as well, I took it upon myself to recreate the logos of the Impossible Mission Force.

(I consider the TV series and the films to be two separate universes. If you've seen both, you understand.)

Here, we see the logo from the upcoming 2011 film subtitled Ghost Protocol. This logo hearkens back to it's 1996 counterpart, but with some olive branches being displayed in the middle of the logo.

Also, this logo is only an extrapolation based on the brief look of the logo in the teaser, which was at low opacity, and hidden behind text displays. I extrapolated "United States of America" on the bottom, and can only presume that "Impossible Mission Force" is on top, much like before. But until I get a clearer view of the logo, this is the best extrapolation I can create, given what was shown so far.

Also the leaf design is extrapolated. it's much more pointed in the logo seen, but I'm working on it.
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I developed a newer version, taken from some sources. I'll put up the new design soon.
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This Message will self destruct in 5 sec. Good Luck cbunye.
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FYI, the new version is up...