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The Lonely Mother

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Her womb laid open, it beckoned, reaching out soft spiraled hands towards anything that might welcome her warmth and nutrients. Her floating immensity was only overshadowed by her desire to nourish and sacrifice.

From a strange, strange, *strange* dream I recently had (It got even stranger than this, but we'll stop here). It wasn't frightening, amazingly, just curious.
Unintentionallly reminiscent of the Red Sea, and continuing my current theme of pale fleshiness, or whatever it is that's taken over my brain.

The pic itself is quite rough, and the placenta-things are how I saw them rather than in any way actually accurate.

Photoshop smash.
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sinofgod's avatar
a few days before I  had a similar dream. 
dezkath's avatar
It's equaly awesome and weird! Great work :)
Very reminiscent of Spiral by Junji Ito. Interesting piece.
CBSorgeArtworks's avatar
I LOVE Junji Ito! I dont remember if this was before or after I read Spiral tho
vektr230's avatar
it's beautiful. I'm assuming you used oil, well it's great.
vektr230's avatar
it's beautiful. I'm assuming you used oil, well it's great.
SakuraStars's avatar
I love dreams, I only wish I could draw them out as well as you do, very lucky for you. ^_~
suedonym's avatar
This is a stunning vision...
PostMortem's avatar
Geez, that gave me the shivers...I like how ...innardy the pieces look. And the background clouds amplify the sad..
tiamat9's avatar
Excellent details and superb form. I love the perspective and depth. The organic style is quite appealing.
eorhythm's avatar
HAWLY LAWD. It's like endometriosis that has taken on a life of its own. And as usual you've managed that lighting that freaks me out so bad. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Those colours are really jarring, too — nothing says OMFG like dark blood red and organic pink.
CBSorgeArtworks's avatar
I dunno! Prolly because those colors are locked into your brain as Bad Signs , an adaption to make you run from Sickness and Harm. Cause like, pale things mean blood has been lost, and visable blood colors mean danger is nearby. Horribly organic, you could say XD

I just realized I dreamt this at the beginning of my menses. Durrrrrr-
eorhythm's avatar
Yeah I was actually going to ask if it coincided with that. Har har, you gotta love the psychological impact those have. YAY SYMBOLISM.
LightningRyu's avatar
If I saw this walking down the street, I'd run D:

Very interesting concept...nicely done :3
CBSorgeArtworks's avatar
Thanks! I definately would run too, as it'd probably smother you to death with its placentathings. Ewww.
restlesschicken's avatar
so that's what you ment by "her desire to nourish and sacrifice"? =o
CBSorgeArtworks's avatar
Yeah, like, she's willing to give you her *everything* even if you die in the process. Bassackwards, that!
TheGlome's avatar
This... is astounding!

Brilliant work on everything involved.

One thing i've always liked about your art is that everything is so fully fleshed-out. There are no half-finished backgrounds, or lazily scribbled lines... It's clear you're very devoted to your work.
CBSorgeArtworks's avatar
Aww, thanks so much!
F"ully-fleshed out" fits all the fleshpiles I've been binging on lately, omgawd yay !
TheGlome's avatar
Haha. Awesome. :p
turbofanatic's avatar
Woah, I both want and do not want your crazy dreams. My dreams are always borings. My latest noturnal adventure was a dream where I was late for class. How exciting.

Nice swirls, you've got a good eye for shapes.
CBSorgeArtworks's avatar
Most of my dreams are as routine as most are, so things like this definately get my attention and warrant painting! I've had so many nights wasting dreams about school too XD

Spirals are waytoofun to paint :D
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