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Ikari '15

Who would *you* entrust the wellbeing of the entire human race?

Uploading this on the off chance it amuses someone as much as me.

A direct rip off Obama "Hope" poster of Gendo Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It made horrible, absurd sense in my head (as much as my fangirling over this bastard does). There's an alt version.

UPDATE This picture was published by Dark Horse in Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project v.1. Here it is I met the editor at AWA, thanks Carl!!


Gendo Ikari <3 © Gainax
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"Yes we can! Can you celebrate!" (anybody catch the reference ;) )God the manga was awesome!

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Gendo should have won the election, not Trump lol
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haha this is brilliant.
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Gendo for president, he'd nuke the planet while claiming angels caused it
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we need him for president
for reals. i hate the government, so he would make everything more badass
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Wow! Great job! :)
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Hell, he went from troublesome punk, to marrying a hot genius scientist,cuddling with another hot scientist AND her also hot daughter, plus being the leader of his own army and having a country´s government in his pocket!
Yes we want!
Gendo is worse than Obama's worst traits and capabilities. He has a monopoly on killing angels.
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Kamina: "Hey everyone! Look at Shinji, now back to me, now back at him, now back to ME! Sadly, he is not me, but if he used Spiral energy insted of angsting, he could punch Gendo in the face! Look down, back up, where are you? You're in Gurren Lagann with the man your protaginist can be as manly as, whats in your hand? Back to me I have it, its a core drill! look again! my Mech is galaxy sized! Anything is possible when you use Spiral energy insted of angst! I have awesome sunglasses.
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hahahaha!! perfect!!
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If you look closely at his beard, you can see the words "I am a b@$%&$^d
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I lol'd. Awesome job XD
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Damn I´m going to vote him for 2015.

He´ll solve all of our problems, word !
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WOW If the creator of the original picture saw this, you are screwed. However, I think it's HILARIOUS!
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I'm glad you enjoyed it! I laughed the whole time making it.

More like father of the ULTIMATE HUMAN CONDITION
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LIER would have been what I'd put.
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I voted for him in the future. It didn't end so well.
Gendo in this looks like Dr.Amedaus from the first planet of the Apes...
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I Saw This In the Ikari Rising Project!! You Rule!!!!
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