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Deep Sea Mermaid

"I left my pelagic brothers and sisters, seeking the still depths of the black ocean deep. Away from the angry rays of the sun I finally found a calm intense enough to quell my uneasy heart. The wise hermetic fish there were as clear as glass- as if yearning to desolve into the sea water itself. I followed their guidance"

This painting was featured in the magazine ImagineFX #65! [link]

I wanted to see how a human[oid] would look as a transparent deep sea fish type thing. I really like fish head scales, and used those inplace of a skull. I had no idea how I'd go about doing that but I am very happy how this turned out, for once.

This is actually a shapeshifter person from a new storything/idea I'm thinking of.


*passes out*
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This is genius! It looks so real... I feel like I could reach out and touch it!
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"The deepsea mermaids were often mistaken as ghosts of those drowned at seas by sailors who did not know their true nature." 
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This is so cool! And the caption underneath is beautifully written.

Well done!
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DAMN. I take my hat off to you sir/ma'm.
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It's actually really beautiful, I think, and very cool and different. I love it!
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Beautifully done. Now all it needs for survival, is a light to guide itself through the depths.
I love the scale plates for the skull.
Applecloud's avatar that is AMAZING :O
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Okay, now this is.. ... I don't know. It's too amazing for words.
Such a creative way to draw a mermaid. So much cooler than the average half girl-half fish ones.

I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to draw those bones.
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WOW!!! this is the best Mer-oid I have EVER seen... you could not have better depicted what I envision a Mer would look like if you had crawled into the darkest corner of my mind and pulled it screaming from those depths... If only I had your talent.
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You are an art beast!
This. Is awesome. The concept itself is really cool - I never thought about deep-sea mermaids, and now I'm really dissappointed in myself for it - but the way you gave that concept a visage is even cooler.
This crisscrosses the Uncanny Valley twice, just enough to be cool instead of squickie!
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Oooh this is brilliant! I love how fantastical it looks and yet, plausible! We know so little about the deepest parts of the sea that who knows, it may exist!
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I hadn't seen this since I faved it forever ago, and I still am in love with it...
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Hi! I love the quote you used in the description of the piece, is that from an existing work, or is it something you wrote? I am quite intrigued!
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