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~samriggs Old Steampunk 3.4 Gnome shell theme



Ok, I guess we'll light the candle & see where we end up. :)

Currently work in progress reviving this theme for use on Gnome shell 3.4 (& hopefully longer)

[link] to original theme

[link] to Dark Steampunk wallpaper by *ark4n

[link] to Ubuntu Software Center fix (generic fix)

06252012 1200
Worked on gtk-2.0, Firefox combo buttons fixed I think.
06242012 1000
Think I corrected a color contrast problem with the message-tray, notifications & chat.
06222012 1015
06222012 0830
06222012 0030
06212012 2030
06212012 1530
06202012 0900
06192012 1730
06192012 1400
06192012 1215

If you want to remove all borders on maximize I can now recommend the Maximus extension located here [link]
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Can we please get an Openbox version? I want to use this on Raspbian