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Gnome shell theme for 3.14 styled after Elementary Dark GTK
GTK2/3 are recolored base Numix instead of Elementary 3.14, with the Numix Project latest quickfixes for 3.14
Metacity is Elementary, GTK-3.0 slightly modified to use them.

Because of the shades of gray that Elementary uses I ran into some text readability issues in the shell theme, I think I cured them but you may have an issue or two with some extensions, if so it may be necessary to look at the problematic stylesheet.css packaged with the extension.   Or it may have something to do with the color profile of my monitor.

Any assistance in improving this are encouraged & welcome.

If you want to nitpick it without first attempting to resolve the problem on your own I'll tell you to shit off home.  ;)

Change log:
Updated Gtk3 with recent Numix  changes
Fixed menuitem selected background color in menubar of Gtk2
Updated Gtk3 with recent Numix changes
A few extra Gtk3 tweaks 

10.30.14 (PM)
Made some modifications to shell buttons.
Added entry from update to (day events ellipse)

*note: I use & develop my themes on Archlinux, if you use another distro & the theme, particularly the GTK, doesn't display properly it may be because your distribution doesn't yet support it.
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Very nice theme. I am using it currently for shell, and GTK3/2. I have one small issue with the theme and Firefox 34. The text on the active tab is the same color as the tab making it unreadable. Not sure if this is something that you can fix in the theme or not.

Thanks for the great theme.
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You can try creating a userChrome.css file in the chrome folder under your .mozilla profile, otherwise I suggest finding a Firefox theme that you can live with.  Firefox & dark themes have been problematic for years.

style "ff" {
text[NORMAL] = "#CCC"
base[NORMAL] = "#242424"
class "GtkInvisible" style "ff"
widget "GtkInvisible" style "ff"

style "fff" {
text[NORMAL] = "#000"
base[NORMAL] = "#CCC"
class "GtkEntry" style "fff"
widget "GtkEntry" style "fff"

style "custom" {
GtkWidget::cursor-color = "#000"
GtkWidget::secondary-cursor-color = "#FF0000"
widget_class "*" style "custom"
i love it. thx for sharing
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Happy you like it.
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*Sees this has appeared as Updated; downloads & compares* Still looks as good as the first version you uploaded. I like what you did with the tweaks. I don't think I can decide which I prefer, so I'm keeping both! LOL.
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No problem.  =)
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Looks fantastic on Mint 17 with Cinnamon. I don't normally like the flat trend these days, but I do like yours. It was very well done. I will be keeping this one in my .themes folder for sure! Keep going, you do great work. Honest! *gives you a cookie*
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Thx for the cookie.  ;)
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You're welcome. :D  *nom nom* Cookies are excellent rewards for everything *nom*  *wipes crumbs off keyboard*  I know I can use this theme in my future desktop theme redesigns. I may even have a complimentary Cinnamon theme floating around here somewhere, and if not, then I will seek one out.
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Worked Great in Xfce 14.04. Thanks
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Screenshot?  =)
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Working on a new distro. Some screen shots using your theme.…
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Looks good.  =)
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