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Moka-Minimal and Faba-Minimal Icon Sets

By cbowman57
Grayscale versions of Moka & Faba icons, all credit to respective author(s).
Moka Icon Theme & Faba Icon Theme by hewittsamuel

Moka inherits Faba, so index.theme modified to inherit Faba-Minimal, which inherits Adwaita,gnome, in that order.

Inkscape makes this relatively easy:
find -name "*.png" -exec mogrify -colorspace gray {} \;

Changed a few files.
Updated with current Gnome names (org.gnome.Nautilus, etc..)
Fixed some linked files

12.9.15PM (1420GMT)
Corrected a couple major flaws in Faba
All the .svg files were set with an executable bit, now corrected

Updated from current Moka git, and applied grayscale treatment.

Added a couple icons over the past year in keeping with the overall look
Colorized a few admin icons with a dull red (Change image back to RGB, Hue 360, Saturation 50, Lightness -35)

Applied grayscale treatment to *.svg files in /places folders Faba-Minimal

Updated with current git snapshot
Corrected  an index entry in Faba (32x32/panels)

After installing to your icon folders you may want to run gtk-update-icon-cache -fi  on each directory (good practice but optional)
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