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As some of you may (or may not) be familiar with Avery either through twitter or my Patreon itself; he's been a growing favourite of mine. It started off with some raffles sketches 

which lead to jokey consentacle pictures

to toying with the idea of a short one shot comic.

So as I had toyed with the idea more and more, a full script came along and now Avery is a full fledged character with his own episodic comics. I’m in the works of finishing the first 21 page episode! 

You can join the Mischief Maker tier of my Patreon to see sketches of all the pages as they’re made, extra sketches and back story.

If you’re a straight to it kind of dude/dudette/dudex then the Wandering Enthusiast tier is for you. Look out for when the comic releases - I'll announce it again as it may be a little while yet.

After the first episode, my Patrons can look forward to participating in polls towards the next episode!

IM ExCiteEd 


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Which is running on my tumblr  ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
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I am on Patreon! It has officially opened (finally)!

Check to page to see what rewards are available - there’s super cool things like me actually working on my comics and coaching via private streams. ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง I’m so excited!!!

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Hey :peace::matteo:
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I am doing a charity raffle ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ !

My co-worker (amazing Rachel) goes above and beyond to help rescued and abandoned staffies! They do their absolute best to care for each dog - including medical care; and with so many dogs money can fall a bit tight! These babies mean a lot to her and her great team of volunteer staff. These hardcore ladies not only have to do their everyday work as we do, but spend every moment of their spare time caring for these cutie patooties. 

SO! I have decided I will do what I can to help, and ask you - my lovely followers - to help them out by entering this awesome art raffle I’m putting together.

!!Win some art from me!!

The prize : A speed painting from yours truly <3

Donate £2 (GBP) for a ticket to enter. Each ticket counts as a separate entry.

Last entry is December 31st 2015.

>> Please make your donations at <<

Once entered, send an email to with your entry name and amount.

Please add “SSR Raffle” to your donation comment. You must keep your confirmation email from your donation to claim your prize. Donations must be £2(GBP) in value to qualify as a ticket. 
Learn more about the dogs at :

It’s come to my attention that some people are having difficulty funding through gofundme. If you would like to enter the raffle via Paypal, please send the donation directly to their paypal account Be sure to add SSR RAFFLE as a note with your donation please!</b>

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I am in the process of making a new comic. It is called Foul. You can begin to read it here:
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I am having an art raffle on my tumblr! Check it out! :

Click me HERE!!

Basically, you enter a dollar into the donation, and that dollar turns into a ticket. You can get more than one ticket with each donation! The ticket will give you a chance to win a free sketch from me, posted to you!

Check it out :iconlaze2plz:
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Starting this one quite early on , since I've had a few people asking about how I do things.
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Just a reminder to some of you cool guys that I have a tumblr and I'm just a bit more active on there. Or rather, I find it easier to post and respond to people up there.


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I've been a bit slow responding to people on here, sorry!

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I'll probably be clearing up my gallery soon, it's looking a bit janky and cluttered again :U. Ces't not cool.

I thought I better mention it here as well (don't want to leave it too long), but I've started a new study group type thing on tumblr.

On there I will be posting a task each week in which you can try and do. The tasks will vary, and it's mainly ones that I think will help people approach art differently and think about things in different ways. If you have a tumblr you can even submit your results there! I'm still putting some stuff together (it's been busy with the whole New Years thing going on). So I will be putting up a FAQ type thing and some guide lines soon, in order to better organize everything. But the best way to find about whats going on here now is to read my (clumsily written at 12 am the other night) Introduction Post.

I thought something like this would be useful for some, so feel free to participate at any time. It might be a week or two until everything is all smoothed out , but it shouldn't take too long! 

Hope to see some of you lovlies there :iconlaze2plz:

Oh and happy new year!

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Well, I've been considering for quite some time to change my dA name to the name I use to actually promote my art. I've been a bit hesitant because I've had this name for like...7 years now almost 8 or something. So I've grown kind of attached to it and all.

Anyway I'll be changing it to CBedford.

I'll miss my old name but you know. Time to move on etc. etc. I'll do that this evening...unless someone gives me a good reason not too

Also, I leave to go on holiday tomorrow. I've been waiting for this for far too long. 2 weeks of (kind of) peace and (kind of) quiet. mm

I'll miss being called "bubble" :matteo:

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Okay so. Opening for commission again. This time I'll be open for digital work as well!

I'll be temporarily closed for commission so I can catch up with my current work. Thank you to all those who considered me, and I will be opening again fairly soon!

Now doing and exclusive deal for my tumblr followers!

so easy peasy, nothing crazy.

Digital : 70

:Ake: by CBedford Bardecello by CBedford

Digital paintings can be up to and A3 (16.5 x 11.7 inches) poster. I will work on this for at least a week solid. The price includes a standard print copy of your picture posted directly to you.  
This price also includes shipping.

I do not charge for extra body parts or colouring or any of that shit.

Pencil : 50

Plague by CBedford

Pencil work is done on A3 (16.5 x 11.7 inches) sized paper. Pencil works will be posted to you.
This price includes shipping.

Commissioner recieves the original pencil work by post.

Again, I don't charge extra for body parts or whatever.


I use Paypal. Commissioners must pay for the work in advance. Too many times have I've done commission and not receive payment for my work. I am sorry if this is inconvenient.

I will notify the commissioner when I start on a piece, show them work in progress pictures, and notify when the picture is finished before publishing/posting anywhere. The commissioner is then notified  when the work is sent off.

Any commission I do may be subject to reproduction.

How to reach me:

PM me or write a comment in this journal if you're interested. I may be a bit flexible!

Have a lovely day everyone c: :heart:


Queue :

1. =justyne [Digital]
2. *Hildi [Pencil]
3. *Hildi [Digital]
4. *Acheronhades [Pencil] 
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