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𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐿❁𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓈

Digital painting commission of Belial and Metatron for Werebeast.

By A Thread | Patreon

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"So I stabbed him with my sword and rode him all the way down"

Archangel Micheal from How it really happened a tell all biography.

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What a gift of beauty. <3
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You know every once in a while you find that piece that really resonates and makes you wanna stare at it for hours, you know, always look at it now and again... Well, this piece. Definitly
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I love everything about this, but most especially the gold <3
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There is just so much aesthetic in your works, it's beautiful.. :love:
That gold glows are so spot on :love:
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Love the sad feeling on it!
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This is a master piece WOW
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amazing work as always <3
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Thank you dear :heart:
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hello!! im the creator of meta!! i just really want to say how much i love how this piece came out! i got to see the various progress pics and pop in a few streams and it was always really awesome!! i also loved hearing about your ideas while working on the piece too, were--beast kept telling me Everything and i was very 👀👀👀 the whole time! i love it!!

thank you so much it turned out beautifully! you are the best :D
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Thanks so much for creating such a lovely character! It was a pleasure to work on his design and trying to get a sense of the contrast between Belial and Metatron! I can only hope to work with more of your designs in the future! :heart: And I'm glad you were interested in some of the thoughts I had as well! One's mind can;t help but wonder when given so much detail about the characters - it's like wondering what will happen in the next episode of ones favourite show!
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ill never be able to properly express how much I love this picture and how wonderfully you executed everything I had in mind - this commission went above and beyond all my expectations, and I am so thankful and blessed that you are such a fun, passionate and talented person to work with! Every step of this piece was such a pleasure, and it was so refreshing to see how invested and connected you got with the characters and their story. ;; seriously from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!!!!!!!! I will absolutely be back to commission you again in the future! <333
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I couldn't say it enough but it was wonderful to work with such enriched characters with the two of you both being so invested in your characters yourselves! Having so much backstory really helped to get the chemistry and balance between the two of them and make such a composition possible! I sincerely hope we do get to work together again in the future!:heart:
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It's just a great job. You're amazing. Such a poetic and symbolic picture!

Family Guy - Anime Peter Icon 
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Thank you so much!
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Beautiful as always, I love the gold pouring out of the chest!
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Ahh thanks Norree! This one was hard, but certainly rewarding! P.S. I have a gift to send you! I just need to get around to rewriting my letter now since it's kind of out dated!
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Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! : D :hug: :heart:
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