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Mammantus by cb1 Mammantus by cb1
Sometimes, strong cumulonimbus clouds can have appendages protruding from the base of the cloud, which are called "mammatus" clouds because they resemble the mammary glands of mammals. They indicate that the atmosphere is quite unstable and can also be an indicator of impending severe weather.

I love these types of clouds, and last night as a storm approached these appeared and were so unique I just had to get some shots of them.. enjoy..

(I think I'll add some of the other shots to stock
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mariko1 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2003
Peaceful shot I think.I like to see sky and think,this pic makes me think a lot...see ya
-blink-once- Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2003
I've never seen clouds like those before... and I'm always amazed when I do see something different up there. It looks like the silent moment the hour before a feirce storm... when you can feel the electricity in the air. Love this shot alot... +fav

(and I'm not back full time here yet... just trying to play catch up since it seems whatever was wrong with the internet provider here before is now fixed)
arthropleurida Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003
God yes, I love mammatus! What a beautiful shot of them, I'm so damn jealous! I have't seen mammatus since I moved from my homestate (Minnesota) and damn... I forget how gorgeous a phenomena they are. And what a great job you did capturing them. I have to +fav this, I'm afraid.
chrisanja2000 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2003
im crazy about the sky/clouds, i've never seen anything like this Jawdrop
and it's a m a z i n g i love it!!!!!!!!!!
bravenewworld Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2003
gosh thats so beautifull and weird... i love the framing of the photo :) (Smile)
clouds rule and your are no exception (sp?) :) (Smile)

great shot
melleciouss Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist

very cool...thank you for sharing this!!

chilipalmer Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003
Those clouds are awesome!!! Jawdrop Well done!!
pdtnc Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003
amazing clouds.....

not something you'd see around here :) (Smile)

rumor Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003
i think i saw some of those yesterday, but i never knew what they meant ~ thanks teach lol ~ hugs ya ~ n great shot btw
xsam Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003
effectively; those clouds are amazing. At the beginning i thought there were false but thank you for the information. it looks like dense cigarette smoke.
lb1 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
wow!! great shot!! you're turning into quite the photographer!!
firedudewraith Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Hehe, "little fluffy clouds".. I nvr seen anythin like this before.. And i had no idea how would a cloud look like if it were to rain besides the fact they look dark.. =P (Razz) This is pretty, as in its quite unique.

Imo, if you could left the tree out of the shot.. it would look so cool as then, it would not only be beautiful but kinda abstract as well.. great job anyway..
breaking-reality Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003  Professional Photographer
Beautiful shot. I love the clouds, because I've never actually seen them like this. and the tree in the corner grounds it nicely.

:) (Smile)
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June 12, 2003
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