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Captain Herring

This was a prosthetic I applied for season 11 Red Dwarf with the assistance of Francesca Burnedelli. The concept was designed by Chris Goodman and sculpted by Cliff Wallace whilst working for Millennium FX.
Captain Herring appeared in episode 4 "Officer Rimmer". The inspiration behind the design was that of a 3D printing jam, or in this case a Bio Printing jam. 
Captain Herring was played by the very talented Stephen Critchlow.
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Dec 3, 2015, 7:30:02 PM
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Im still trying to figure out how he could see in that think. Im aware of a number of tricks for similar prosthetics but this one looks particularly difficult if that wrinkle doubles as an eye slit.
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Hi Brace, thanks for your comment. The vision was very limited. We designed it so inbetween scenes we could fold back the middle recessed part of the foam latex to give him 60% vision, but when filming he was almost completely blind. Think it almost added to the final character and humour that Red Dwarf is famous for.
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Ha, I bet it did. Ive only rarely seen Red Dwarf sadly but I really enjoyed what I saw. 
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So you got to work on Red Dwarf ? . . lucky Smegger !, or to put it in a more Rimmer sense -

Red Dwarf - Arnold J. Rimmer. by DoctorWhoOne
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LOL. I'll take that. :-)
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What the hell? This thing is terrifying! I remember Red Dwarf being more funny than scary. This is a brilliant prosthetic and looks fantastic. Well done :)
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I'll have to check the episode out :D
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Cheers. Promise you the episode is more funny than scary. He does look quite disturbing though. :-) 
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