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Azure Wings

Zany colours! What I love best :D

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I LOVE the colours!   =^~^=
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Absolutely beautiful!
Wow, I really love those colors :D
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Stunning beauty!! :wow: :love:
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such a incredible work !!!
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Man that is pretty cool.
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May I use this picture for one of my characters? I promise to give all credit to you, and I will never claim it as my own work. If not, I'm perfectly okay with that. ^-^
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Hey thanks for asking I'm glad you like it that much :) but unfortunately I have to say no because this dragon is one of my own characters, not just a random dragon. Feel free to draw inspiration from my characters to create your own (with the exception that they're not too similar) :)
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Unfortunately, I'm a horrible artist. The only time I've tried to draw a dragon resulted with comeone saying that it was cute. Cute? Come on, dragons aren't supossed to be cute! But I digress. I'll try my best, and who knows? Maybe one day I'll be as good of an artist as you are!
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Thankyou for the kind words :) I had to start somewhere, the best way to increase your skills is just keep practicing, but if you really enjoy art, it will never seem like practice :)
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I have a deviation up now, actually. It's a photograph from my time spent in Canada and Alaska. I'm working on a sketch that I hope to eventually put up here one day.
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Absolutely gorgeous work. o.o
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Really beautiful!
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I got directed here through Miliki's journal, and I'm very glad that I did. This artwork is truly amazing. The posing is truly dynamic, something that is so very difficult to achieve. ^ ^
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thankyou so much! :) Sorry for the late reply!
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Aha, no worries there! ^ ^
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I lurrrvvv dragons >;3
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are those wyverns?
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hm? you mean the ones in the background? They're just random dragons of awesomeness :D
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I wish someone can make a sprite of this!
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