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some crazy 3d rendering again, with a double mirror and glasseffect in the backround.
I wanted to make it a little more in you face effect this time, but still have darker and brighter areas for icon placement.

comments are always appreciated

ps. theres a version II in the process, with major changes . other version is here now! [link]

take care

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I guess it has nothing to do with the old movie clockwork orange
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what program did you use?
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This is really amazing work :wow:
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thank you so much!!
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wowee,this is one excellent pic very nice render
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sorry for the late reply, but thanks very much for the comment
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thanks very much.
What an honor! :)
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Cool! I found this one a long long time ago on google and loved it from the start. It's the best! Nice to find the one who's made it too.
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thank you very much for the comment.
Amazing to see how long this piece has been alive

Thanks again

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I favd this one once.....

and how fitting that I should have watched this movie on cable last night for the who knows how many-th time and then sign in with it on my fav's.,,,,
perhaps you don't believe in syncronicity as much as I do....but doubtful!!!!

Well..perhaps I never once said that.........

This is a beautiful work...
It is a statement of fragmented reality connected to what each individual{and considering the name and individual....~wink~}perceives.

My perception is a fragmented world of continual Ideals of normalism{is that a real word}
Each made by what our mental electromagnetism records on the blank space of knowledge{????What???}
What is considered wrong....,
may be onsidered blissful and correct by others....

It is a matter of society and it's external influences as to who and what you really are.

once again...lovely
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thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it greatly

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Wow, nice stuff! Our physics prof used it in his lecture a few days ago, so it's been seen by at least 2000 people within that hour. :D And I'm sure I speak for many of my classmates when I say that I really like this piece!
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thank you very much chouka, and I am glad you liked it

c a z z a
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It really does have that in your face touch...I really like it and keep up the good work :).
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O_O incredible...a must fave :+fav:
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Nice, I expecially like the reflection of the strecture. Good job.
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thanks very much
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It's simply fantastic. =)
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So this IS the clockwork orange? :D
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