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The Truth About Sonic 4

By cazetta
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The truth about Sonic 4!

Yeah.. they promised a CLASSIC, but is not looking like this, don't you think? =P

How Sonic 4 should be: [link]

Uptade: Hmmm... I've seen some videos (I saw one now, a new one) and the gameplay looks really good, I'm very suprised!

I Hope this does not happen like Sonic 06... Amazing gameplay videos but crap gameplay in truth
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hauhuhuhauahuahuahuahauha da hora xP
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Y'know, in a way even the old Sega Genesis Sonic games always had some 3D-style renderings in the graphics.

Don't believe me? Just look at the low-polygon-count looking palm trees, (that looks straight out of an 80s, or early 90s 3D/CGI animated short) square indints in the checkered ground/platforms, realistic clouds, and shadings on the characters, and numerous objects. (Not to mention the Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles title screens.)
The people at Sonic Team even stated in interviews they were influenced by 3D animations for the graphics style in the old Sonic games.
So 3D rendering isn't actually new, or unusual to Sonic when you think about it.

I'm honestly not at all bothered by the DKC-like rendered graphics of Sonic 4. (And sense when were those style graphics considered "bad?") Sure they don't look exactly like the original game, but honestly, I'd be a li'l disapointed personally if they just used the same exact graphics from the Genesis games like Capcom did with Megaman 9 & 10.
(Wich would just make it look like some kinda "fan hack game" to me personally.)
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
That details aren't 3D rendering... the've just light and shadows effects. Something similar to the 'Bevel and Emboss' effect of Photoshop.

If you compare with Donkey Kong, will see that Sonic 1, 2, 3.K and K.Chaotix don't uses the same technique.

If we stop to think, even in the Bonus Stages, that uses some 3D angles, we don't see pre render sprites, just digital draw sprites with Bevel and Emboss effects.

3D rendering in Sonic we see only in 3D Blast, which is not part of the original franchise and is not a very good game.
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I dunno, I didn't think 3D Blast was so bad personally. (Once you get used to the isometric viewpoint.)
I can understand why some people didn't like that game, but the 3D rendered graphics had nothing to with what was wrong with it. (Sense when were 3D-style graphics a "bad thing?")

3D rendering, Digital rendering, there's really not to much difference when you think about it.
Granted, one is perhaps more "hand-drawn"-looking then the other, so I can understand why you prefer that over the 3D rendering. (Still, I don't care how Sonic 4 looks honestly, as long as it's fun. Can't judge a book by it's cover, and such.)

My whole point though was the developers of the original Sonic games were inspired by old 3D graphics when making the old Sonic games, wich is how it got it's graphics style in the first place. So regardless, both rendering styles are inspired by 3D graphics.
So the 3D rendering style seems like a natural evolution for the series in Sonic 4, and it still has plenty of nice old-school touches in the graphics regardless.
Checkered ground/platforms, palm trees, waterfalls, side-scrolling style platforms in the distant background.
It looks nice as far as I'm concerned.

Personally, I'd be a bit disapointed with Sonic 4's graphics personally if they just reused the same exact graphics from one of the old games like Megaman 9/10 did. (Wich most people seem to want.) So I'm glad they didn't go in that direction. (Of course, I'd still like to try it regardless how it looks.)

Ironically, I never see anyone say "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" should look more like the 8-bit or 16-bit Mario games. So I don't understand why Sonic 4 should look exactly like them.
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
New Super Mario uses digital draw art, instead of pre render. This is the reason.

Sonic doesn't need to look like he was on 16 bit. I just think we can do something modern with digital drawings.. exaclty like NWMB and Rayman Origins XD
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Perhaps, but I really don't think there would be much difference if it were "digital" or "pre-render" personally. (Or at least to me.)

The "digital drawings" thing has actually been done already in the Bioware RPG "Sonic Chronicals" for DS. The backgrounds in that game are drawn completely by hand.
In fact the 2 Sonic Rush games' backgrounds look pretty digitally hand-drawn to me, so I don't mind a change of pace with "3D rendering" for Sonic 4 personally. (And who's to say the background graphics arn't hand-drawn before the rendering process is added?)

As for NewSMB, I dunno, some things do look pre-render to me in those 2 games. Regardless if they're "digitally-drawn" or not, the graphics look pretty 3D-inspired to me, and they don't really give me a "hand-drawn" graphics feel at all, personally whenever I look at them.
I recall, the DS version's enemies (aside from the polygonal bosses) actually are 3D-rendered 2D-sprite characters.
(When Mario's holding a koopa shell for instance, and jumping around with it, you can kinda tell the shell is a 2D sprite rendered to look 3D.) So there is a li'l rendering in the game actually.

Sorry for the long post. lol
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Sonic RPG uses a different style of art. It is more like Archie Comics and Its very different from the original sytle of classic Sonic.

New Super Mario Bros uses Digital Drawings with Bevel and Emboss. I found something interesting about this some days ago. I'll show you but don't feel offended ok?. I just want to show the difference, ignoring what is written under the picture. lol: [link]
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I can see the difference, but I don't think "pre-render graphics" are a bad thing personally.

I admit, I do prefer hand-drawn style graphics over 3D ones though. So I can understand your preference.
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They promised a classic, but what we are seeing until now is very far way from the true classic...

Love it haha!
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HA HA HA! Love it.
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