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Real Dudley

By cazetta
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Let's fight like gentleman!!

Untooned Dudley of Street Fighter III, and now Super Street Fighter IV!! ^^

And, of course, I had to use a photo of Evander Holyfield on it!! Haha!
Do you see traces of him? ^^

**Some improviments were made in the hair and in the eyes.


(More Untooned Fighters here: [link])
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RedBlupiHobbyist Traditional Artist
He's missing one moustache O_o
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WolfgangMaxHobbyist General Artist
ehaueaSHUea great!
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awesome work
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vichoverde General Artist
Awesome work !
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You have an excellent technique as far as realism is concerned :] however, if I'm being constructively critical, you should look into some anatomy modeling. His forehead (while I understand the foreshortening effect you went for) and the back of his head are off quite a bit. I've noticed it with other drawings of yours. Simply trying to help you perfect what you're doing!! :D
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Follow the correct anatomy is not the objective of these kind of arts.
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ChaosSummersHobbyist General Artist
He's only got half a mustache though o.o
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wow! thats really god! Dudley is my fiances fave char to play with, so ive been bored lookin at images! this is my fave dudley image! good job!!
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thats really good* not god lol
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nice art pic
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks man, for all the comments =)
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awesome art pics
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b1kHobbyist Filmographer
This is a wonderful tribute to this excellent character!
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looks like you missed the other half of the stashe
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
haha its true... i didn't realize that
I'll fix it
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Dude. Thats amazing.
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BlazingBlueflashHobbyist General Artist
This man.....:iconblowitallupplz: IS GOD!!!

:icondudleyplz: YES, YES!!!!
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man what can i say about this gr8 art well AMAZING!!
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Mr. Diddles :iconhurrplz:
Best Street Fighter character ever. Great job on the picture.
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ahxkimStudent Traditional Artist
what is this done in...
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rob-jrHobbyist Artist
the trace would be the ears?
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
All the face was made with a holyfield photo, less the eyes ^^
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GauntletsTheArtistHobbyist General Artist
Is dis a painting or is it da photoshop edit?

Either way, I could actually c Evander Holyfield as Dudley if they ever came out wit another live action movie (so long as Capcom has a hand in it).
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cazettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hy! It is just a photoshop edit. But of course, we generally do some light and shadows adjustments by "painting"

You can check how it works here:
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