Outstanding Animal Photo Manipulations

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Today's blog post at graphix1.co.uk www.graphix1.co.uk is an outstanding collection of animal photo manipulations, including all genres of photo manipulation.

Here is a small selection of the work featured in the article. Please take a look if you have time www.graphix1.co.uk/2010/11/22/…

All of the art included in this collection is from dA, so once again and as always, thanks to the artists for sharing their work :worship:

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my very good dA friend wintersmagic for publicising my blog on her profile page with a permanent link - I am honoured and delighted :hug: wintersmagic.deviantart.com/

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Thank you for including me in your feature! I really appreciate it. :)
cazcastalla's avatar
You're very welcome :dance:
DesignerKratos's avatar
wow awesome honor for me to be there sweety !! thank you alot for that kind !!
saperlipop's avatar
A big thank you for including one of my works among this beautiful collection :love:
cazcastalla's avatar
KimmieKrazy's avatar
Amazing! Rooster Cat has to be my favorite.
cazcastalla's avatar
The blending on that manip is seamless - it looks so natural, which makes it look easy - must have taken hours!
Thanks for the comment :hug:
KimmieKrazy's avatar
It had too....very skilled artist!
Great job putting together this post.
kitiekat4U's avatar
baaahahahahaha oh my goodness this is sooooo great. fantastic job. i love it!!!! :bow:
brandrificus's avatar
Dang , that FROG is so super amazing !..... and the Wolves ? WOW !
cazcastalla's avatar
Yes, people are just so perceptive and insightful - imagination plays a big part, but of course they are truly talented to go with it! :hug:
HippieVan57's avatar
thanks so much for the feature :D
cazcastalla's avatar
You're very welcome :dance:
wintersmagic's avatar
Stunning selections, I have faved them all :heart:
wintersmagic's avatar
Thanks for once again highlighting the best art on DA :love:
TheFantaSim's avatar
Nice! Those are very creative. I especially like the frog. :)
cazcastalla's avatar
No matter how many manips I do, I think I will always be in awe of the 'real masters'
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