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The Only Way is Up

In my efforts to try out all genres of art, I have tried thinking 'out of the box' to create a surreal manipulation - it was difficult to know when to stop - there were so many more things that could have been added, but after a week of adding, removing and adding more I decided enough was enough :rofl:

Stock used:

Stairs from :iconmimose-stock: [link] and [link]
Stairs from :icondreamcatcher-stock: [link]
Stairs from :iconphoeebstock: [link]
Stairs from :iconmehrunnisa-stock: [link]
Sky from MissyStock [link]
Ground from :iconnight-fate-stock: [link]
Models from :iconauroradreams: [link] and [link]
Steampunk Plane from :iconmysticmorning: [link]
Boat, Wings and Balloon from :iconmaureenolder: [link] [link] [link]
The Enticer from :iconaegean-prince: [link]
Clown from :icongsdark-stock: [link]
Black Cat from :iconcynnalia-stock: [link]
Texture from :iconremidica-stock: [link]
Clock from :iconclockstock: [link]
Clock from :icontia-stock: [link]
Mannequin from :iconzememz: [link]
Stop sign from :iconknk-stock: [link]
Waves brushes from :icondesigningdivas: [link]
Concrete Texture from :iconsuperstar-stock: [link]
Tree from :iconlinzee777: [link]
Jack in the box from :iconfalln-stock: [link]
Cog from
Rust texture from :icondh-textures: [link]
Grunge texture from me [link]
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This is a fascinating piece. Thanks for allowing this to be used in Let's Play The Similar, But Different Game!, hosted by ManipulateThis. T
This inspired Across The River. :thanks:

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I used yours for my last similar, but different. :)
Clocksandstairs by TheFantaSim
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Hello, I love you so much this piece to the size dream you gave him.
I used this piece as inspiration for mines in ManipulateThis' s "Similar But Different" game. I hope you like it :)
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Hey there! I used this piece as inspiration for mine in ManipulateThis 's "Similar But Different" game! Thank you so much! I love your original!
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great composition my friend!
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Im a surreal fan and here is a fun image
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this is very interesting work my friend. Nice Job !
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Very interesting; also pretty, which not all surreality is....
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You put a lot of time and work in this, and it paid off, its great!!
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Whoa! This is wildly surreal!

There is so much happening in this scene I've been looking at it for two minutes now and I'm still finding things:D

Despite the various light sources, this looks awesome:clap:

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Thanks Dan - after writing my article about surrealism I felt the need to try it out, but I didn't find it easy! Freeing up your mind to bring together things that don't go together is hard work :rofl: I also found that I couldn't step right away from realism, for instance, I had to wonder why there would be autumn leaves on the right hand stairs, so added a tree - a true surrealist artist wouldn't have bothered themselves with any such realist thoughts!!

Anyway, I was generally pleased with the outcome, but don't think it's my genre!!
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That's the difficulty with surrealism. I had this conversation with =thefantasim during one of the Challenges because we both had different opinion of what surreal meant (compared to 'Abstract').

I think of it this way: 'realism' is depicting something as realisticly and/or naturally as possible, even if that object is a machine, there are still certain 'natural' things about it, light lighting, shadows and gravity. 'Surreal' art, or 'sur-reality' is like an alternate reality. This 'other-reality' can be as distorted or imaginative as you like, but it still has rules - although, you are now able to bend those rules. You can choose to make the lighting different on each object, or choose to make objects float, but if you do - you must follow through with those rules.

I basically look at Salvidore Dali's work as a base. Dali created some of teh most surreal artworks to date, but his work was always in full-detail. If it was not detailed then it would be considered abstract. ^^; Hehe anyways my point, is I belive Dali would have paid great attention to those leaves...:D

Then again....that's just my opinion:lol:
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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