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Bleak House

My entry for the 'A Clock, A Peach, A Crow' challenge at :iconmanipulatethis: at level 2

**Edit: I forgot to add the crow on the windowsill (that's what you get for rushing lol)

The idea is that everything on the windowsill can be found outside... clock tower, gravestone, crow, and the peach is represented by the stone in the crow's beak. I should have been able to come up with a better title that would explain the idea, but just couldn't think of one :(

Required stock:

Peach from :iconravenarcana: [link]

Crows from :iconfairiegoodmother: [link]

Antique Clock from :iconannfrost-stock: [link]

Other stock:

Window from :iconofeliq: [link]

Cemetery from :iconathenastorm: [link]

Clock tower from :icongrannysatticstock: [link]

Crow ornament from :icongothicmamas-stock: [link]

Peach stone from :iconduesterheit: [link]

Glass texture from :iconauntieentity: [link]

Birds brushes from :iconredheadstock: [link]
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This deviation is an "Other Favorite" in the "A Clock, A Peach, And A Crow" challenge at #ManipulateThis. It is being featured in the left "Side Bar" Mini-Gallery on the HOME page. :boogie:
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Downright eerie! Nicely done and much good luck in the challenge :aww:
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Great idea using the window frame and superbly executed - it tells a story alright ...... Why a crow on window ledge when you already have them outside flying ? Great work nonetheless ....... :) Good luck !
cazcastalla's avatar
Thanks... the crow inside is there to reflect what is outside - everything on the windowsill is also outside except the peach, but the crow outside has a peach stone in its beak :D
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Oh, you know what, when I first saw this deviation it was at the group and I responded right now by what I had original seen. And there was no dark shadow behind the crow on the window sill. Now it looks a little awkward because there's too much of it and it's too dark. I don't think you need it at all. Same with the peaches and the clock. They look like they're at the edge of a tunnel.

Remember that we were breaking rules with this one, having fun with a non-realistic way of creating an image which was not based on reality. I'm sorry to say this, but what you first had was magical, now it lost that. :(

If you have your layers and you can correct that, I would, because you lost the clean innocence that you first had.

I'm so sorry to be so negative, but I know how hard you much you want to make interesting images, and this definitely was one.
cazcastalla's avatar
Thank you for both of your comments, and I have to agree that I preferred the original, so it is back lol.

I have changed the category to Surreal, which may make it better received and/or understood as it is ;)
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I think surreal is a good category for it. This deviation sort of reminds me of an image that would be presented by Poe. Not just for the crow, but for that foreground and background.
TheFantaSim's avatar
Wow! I absolutely love the environment you've created. There's an interesting foreground (looking at an old window with a nice still life--thought there is a creepiness created with the crow). Then there's the outside, the scene of the cemetary that looks dull and desolate compared to the inside.

Definitely one of your finest moments. I hope the judges see that as well. Good luck!
Just-A-Little-Knotty's avatar
:clap: A great take on the challenge! Best of luck :excited:
ik-ben-10eke's avatar
Looks to me like a scary place. It all comes together, wonderful job.
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wow what a combo sweetie. i love the idea of this piece. one thing i noticed dear is the light on the window pain is different than the light on the clock and the peaches. if you darken the window pain and place larger shadows under the items on the sill i think it will match better. if you make the light from the outside of the window as you main light source i believe there will not be that conflict. here is an example using a photo of a window [link] as you can see the window is the main light and the objects in front of the window are in shadow.
cazcastalla's avatar
Thank you for your advice - I have made the changes you suggested, the window frame is much darker, as are the items on the sill. The shadows are larger and more pronounced and I tried to add a little light on the top/top left of each item.
kitiekat4U's avatar
oh yeah Carol you got it. it looks fantastic now. awesome. :squee:
kitiekat4U's avatar
you are welcome my dear Carol :hug:
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Nice way to mix the required elements! Good luck for the contest. :D
annewipf's avatar
You're welcome :)
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I love it! Glad I stopped that day I almost didn't!
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