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All Of My Life...

This is my entry for the 'Dandelion Wishes' challenge at :iconcastle-of-manips:

The challenges at this time are inspiring me to focus on the most shocking, sad and stressful time of my life that happened a year ago. This one is no exception...

My mother died on 29th July 2016, and my father became ill and was hospitalised 3 days later and passed away 13 days after my mother.

As a child I was fearful of my father, what his reaction would be to anything I would like to say to him or ask him. That did diminish a little as I grew up, but I still had some reservations about approaching him on anything even as an adult.

I felt that my father always favoured my sister, and my mother favoured my brother - I often wondered if it was all in my mind, until the day my husband said that I was right, they were definitely showing favouritism towards my siblings.

The point of this manipulation is that towards the end of his life my father developed dementia, but was fortunate enough to never be really bad with it. However, he was bad enough that he could not be left alone, so when my mother was in hospital during her illness, my siblings and I were taking turns to be with my father 24/7, with me taking on the majority of the 'sitting' duties. During this time - 2 months - I became closer to my father than I had ever been, our roles really seemed to change... at times he was like the child, and at other times we were on equal footing - he was never the alpha male again with us.

I feel I was robbed of time with him when I was able to talk to him as I had always wanted to - and my wish would definitely be to sit down with him for a few hours one last time and have a serious heart-to-heart, father-daughter conversation.... dandelion wishes!

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Brick wall from :iconstockproject1: Link

Floor from :iconjesuisautre: Link

Dandelions from :iconmoonchilde-stock: Link and from :iconlucieg-stock: Link

Man from :icondawnallynnstock: Link

Dandelion brushes from :iconayashige-doodles: Link

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