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Sunburst Vector

By cayfie
"You really traveled through time!?"

Another season 6 vector, had to do one of sunburst, god he's such an adorable dork <3
Once again, free to use as long as you credit me ^^
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Sunburst is so cute! when his jaw dropped and the glasses moved he was like<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":O" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="377" title=":O (Eek)"/>h my god.... X3 so cute so imma give all you five stars! also his cape really matches him! and he hasbro did a good job at making his personality and everything! even when he's serious he looks so adventurous! Also he kinda looks like sunset's brother! maybe in the new episode we'll get to see his backstory! :3 and sunburst messy hair......kinda looks awesome on him!also if you don't mind i'm downloading this for color guide! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="390" title="=) (Smile)"/> Also one last critique,his cutiemark on his cape looks awesome!
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*jaw drops open* *glasses slowly slide down* *pushes them back up* lol literally me when I see yer work XD
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Awwh ;w;
Thankyou bwud
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Ye no prublem owo
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I want to cosplay him lol
cayfie's avatar
O mai
Yes he would be so fun to cosplay! XD
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Damn I love Sunburst x3 He's literally me in pony form!
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You should've seen the conversation I had after watching it x3 "OMG BRO,I've got a new favourite bg pony!"
"Is it Sunburst?"
"wtf how"
"He's you dude x3"
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He's kinda me too XDD
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Perfect! Just what I needed! Let the shipping begin. When I finally figure out how to upload to deviantart I will definitely be thanking/crediting you and all the other artists whose stuff got put in my inspiration book! You are literally my senpai
cayfie's avatar
Nyaww thankyou.. that means so much!
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Question, and if you already told or it's on your profile or whatever, what paint tool do you use and how did you get it? Everyone I try and get one it never works. (such as it being a virus, it won't open, or it just failing to download.)
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My program is Adobe Illustrator, its not a free program which is why you are getting failure or viruses.
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He really is adorkable. Good choice of vector.
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THankyou so much ^^
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My absolute favorite line from Sunburst, haha! I'd have almost exactly the same reaction if I were in his position...
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Heh same here X3
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bbah! it's amerzing! and funneh
cayfie's avatar
Yey! thankyou bbah <3
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