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Digital Skin and Eyes Tutorial

Finished picture can be viewed here: [link]

This is pretty enormous and image heavy.. hopefully it doesn't take too long to load D':

Thank you guys for being so awesome :heart: and thank you so much for 400+ watchers!! :glomp:

Hopefully this tutorial is of some use to you. Also, I know I didn't type it in anywhere, but this is the method that I use for basically everything except for backgrounds. Just try experimenting with different colours and lighting for different objects and textures, and have fun!

Freehand Lineart Tutorial:
Hair Tutorial:
Cel Shading Tutorial
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Hello~~ Awesome tutorial! But I have a problem . . . I can't find Mr. APOF anywhere on Photoshop. I have PS CS5, so maybe that's the problem. Any chance you could tell me where to find it?
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Ahhh yeah unfortunately the default brushes in the newer versions of photoshop are different (I really, really hate the new brushes... I deleted them all haha) >_<
HOWEVER! You can download the old default brushes, including the APOF right here:…
ItaloAmericana's avatar
aaaaahhh thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:
j-uyen3's avatar
ASFJKLSJDF THANK YOU SO MUCH~ I didn't know that there was an airbrush pen opacity flow brush in Photoshop's other regular sets, so I went looking for it; it's exactly what I've been needing, and this has helped me out a ton! Thanks!!! :heart:
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I'm trying to draw with your guide (thank you!). Awesome! But could you please tell how do you blend out shadows?
SvetlankaArt's avatar
I'm trying to draw my new art guided by this tutorial (thank you!). But how do you blend out shadows? What options do you use? Can you help me please? :)
caydett's avatar
What do you mean what options?
The brush that I use is shown in the tutorial, and I just use the default settings for it ^^;
SvetlankaArt's avatar
Sorry, maybe, I explained it wrong ^^'
On the step after basic shadows you are writing "...using Mr. APOF, blend out your shading" and then you show picture with same first shadow, but much more smoother ^^ And you are making it for all shadows' layers...
I just got confused how to do it... with brush APOF, but with different mode or color or smth else..?
I hope I make sense :D
SvetlankaArt's avatar
Really good tutorial! ^^
But I have problem with Airbrush Pen Opacity Flow :/ Mine doesn't draw as yours on this picture. It looks exactly as Hard Round Brush. And brushes that I've downloaded and named APOF look also as Hard Round one...
caydett's avatar
You're using a tablet right? (with the pen pressure options turned on)
SvetlankaArt's avatar
Hm... I have to check on that one.
So, if I'm drawing with mouse the effect will be as regular brush, right?
caydett's avatar
Yeah unfortunately mice can't use pressure sensitivity D:
What you can try though, is lower the opacity on brushes and try painting that way (such as described in [link]).
SvetlankaArt's avatar
I have tablet)) But I never thought it denends on pressure) Thank you so much for help! And tutorial with pumpkin is helpful too! Thanks)
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Thanks a lot! This was really helpful. :)
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Thanx a lot for this. A lot of people seem to forget how difficult it was when they first began colouring and seem to leave out the important details for us beginners. This tutorial, along with your cel shading one, is excellent.
caydett's avatar
ahh thank you so much ^^ glad you find them useful!
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I've been looking for some good guides. Thanks for making these. :3
caydett's avatar
you're very welcome ^^
Eternityspool's avatar
I'm guilty, I had to <3
Kiyomi-Chan7's avatar
Amazing, you did a really good job :3 one of the best coloring tutorials Ive seen
caydett's avatar
shadowbob19's avatar
great tutorial cant wait to help it out and learn from it thank you for making this amazing tutorial :clap:
FrostBo's avatar
Thank you to share your experience with great tutorial:)
caydett's avatar
you're welcome ;p
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