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Which Star Wars picture do you want me to draw first?

  |  307 votes
  • Happy picture with Leia, Han and Ben
  • Sad picture with Leia, Han and Kylo

Which starter will you choose?

  |  308 votes
  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Popplio

Choose your players!

  |  232 votes
  • Bilbo and Thorin
  • Thranduil and Bard
  • Legolas and Gimli
  • Legolas, Thorin, Gimli, and Thranduil
  • Thranduil, Legolas, Gimli, and Gloin
  • /╲/╭ºoꍘoº╮/╱ Mirkwood spiders! /╲/╭ºoꍘoº╮/╱

Would you drink Peeps-flavoured milk?

  |  95 votes
  • Yes, and I'll die happy
  • No, absolutely not
  • I prefer them in their natural marshmallow form
  • Yes, for the Vine
  • I don't know what a Peep is

Sunday Poll Feb.15 - Pick a picture for me to upload to...

  |  140 votes
  • Avengers (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Avengers (Thorki)
  • BBC Sherlock
  • Supernatural
  • My Little Pony
  • My Little Pony Crossover (someone is now a pony)
  • Cat crossover (someone is now a cat)
  • Cross stitch
  • That Damn Cat, Lokitty
  • =0v0=