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I see fire, Inside the mountain
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Green Wing Macaw


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Green Wing Macaw


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::Let's Draw The Hobbit Project 2 - Final::

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Twelfth Doctor Anthro - Cat

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Spock dying

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::SHERLOCK:: The Morning After

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Fantastic Fan Art Friday 12-25-2015

Fantastic Fan Art FridayWe're back with another Fantastic Fan Art Friday this time with a blast of jolly festive fun straight from the Fan Art Category!  No matter how you celebrate the season, I hope you're having an awesome time with family, friends, and loved ones.  Enjoy this line up of SUPERB Fan Art features! On the last 2015 Friday Feature, my category gave to me: ...12 Tamriel kids ...11 animatronics ...10 regenerations ...9 One Piece pirates ...8 flying hedgehogs ...7 BB-8 droids ...6 friendly ponies ...5 FAAAAN SHIPPIIIIINNGS ...4 Pokémon ...3 Angry Birds ...2 skele-bros ...and a Pansage in a pear tree! Daily Devia


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2015 Art Summary BLANK

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The Hobbit: The Unexpected Visitor


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Adventures at Bobby's 2

An hour later, Sam could be found picking his way through the dusty interior of one of the walls lining the upstairs hallway between bedrooms. He could see his own bootprints outlined in the dust, lit by the scattered shards of hazy light that managed to worm their way through the cracks in the wood paneling. When he made it to a crossroads in the wall, he made sure to choose a different path than what he'd taken the day before, separating from his tread marks. After around ten minutes moving at a steady pace, Sam heard a strange snuffling coming from outside the wall. A dark shadow briefly blotted out the sun, passing over the cracks in th


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