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The Hobbit - Chibi Smaug On Nom Nom

By caycowa
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Gif version here The Hobbit - Chibi Smaug Gif by caycowa
The Hobbit - Chibi Smaug I am Fire, I am Death by caycowa

Tumblr Reblog - I could just eat you up 
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That is adorable!!!
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Love the chibi Smaug
- may I use this as a FB profile pic??
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Son long as you put a line of credit to me and link back to the piece, yes you can. 
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Alright thanks <3
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X3 I haven't read the series(I tried once, and could not get it) but this be cute
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Silly dragon, you don't eat it!
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Introducing: Pocket Smaug!!'Well..... Thief....' :happybounce: 
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The same sweetness! Love I wonts to hug him  XD !!!Clap 
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:aww: Bring him gold in exchange for hugs. 
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This is the best thing I've seen all day XD
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 Now this is amusing, but I still insist that the reason there was SO MUCH GOLD in that hoard was because Smaug really DID love his treasure so much that they had many, many children together … ;) (Wink) 
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:lol: The pitter-patter of tiny gold coins. 
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I was just looking at this like, "think it needs to be on a tshirt" followed your product link and now I'm so undecided what to have it on XD
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Flip a coin? Flip many coins! 
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:O no, you need it on a wallet!! =D
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