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The Hobbit - Chibi Smaug I am Fire, I am Death

By caycowa
Chibi Smaug doesn't think he's cute, chibi Smaug thinks he's ferocious. 

The Hobbit - Chibi Smaug On Nom Nom by caycowa
Tumblr Reblog - rowr 
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someone on Facebook has been stealing your art. I notified them of this and they won’t give credit. Just thought you might want to know

V1EWT1FUL's avatar
reminds me of that bat meme
SpicyDragonM8's avatar
Soooooooooooooooooo cute!
Clawgerber's avatar

you forgot the baka.
caycowa's avatar
"I am fire, I am death. Baka!"
MissSPRose's avatar
Just bought this print on a 15oz mug from your S6 store! 
Will credit you on my book account on Instagram, promise x
Hope you consider doing Deadpool, SpideyPool and more Stucky in future.
Thanks for your excellent work ~ it's a treat to behold Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
WriterFox's avatar
HHNNNNGGGGG!!!! MY HEART!!!!!!Spaz attack :updated: 
AlrikN's avatar
You are adorable is what you are. :3
miumi15's avatar
shhh smaug, you are adorable. Lethal, but adorable.
caycowa's avatar
He sure is. On both counts. :D 
Eythriel's avatar
He's like sooo small
MomotsukiNezumi's avatar
Yeah, well, tough luck, Smaug, even if you proclaim to the heavens that you're all death and fire and terror of the worst kind, you're still 100,000,000% draconian adorable cuddliness personified XD

Seriously, you drew him so well here. He's so small that he fits on a gold coin, that's so CUTE. 
caycowa's avatar
Exactly. He's just too darn cute. 
Thank you. 
TolieBunny's avatar
I want one >w<
caycowa's avatar
Who doesn't? He's a snuggly ball of death. :D
TolieBunny's avatar
Death has never been such cute before x3
Blondythedragon's avatar
Yes you are Smaug~ Yes you are~ <3
Takanakchirasu's avatar
I can imagine him , with a high squeaky voice saying this <3
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