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The Cola Wars - Pepsi

By caycowa
Yes, I am the original artist behind this photo. I made this.

I shouldn't need to say that however due to the large amount of thief this image suffers from I feel I should, if only to protect myself from being accused of stealing my own art. ;p

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Nothing to see here, move along!
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DR.       PEPPER.    and you know it's bringing all of TEXAS with it!
OLAMIKU's avatar
well, I choose Dr. pepper though
flamyriver's avatar
you picked the wrong motherfucking fridge, fool.
BrandonPanek's avatar
The fridge is ours now...
Jordan-Artz's avatar
caycowa's avatar
RIP they gave their lives to quench out thirst. 
sinning-weirdo's avatar
Here lies the mother of my children both living and dead
Rest in peace my true love- Beyonce
When I see  this I imagine the Godfather song playing
Pepsi godfather: I see that my situation has been dealt with 

pepsi : yes godfather the deed is done that red guy  not be fission anytime soon

pepsi godfather: you  brought respect back to this family I am promoting you
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Those two will kill each othet then rootbeer will rise to the top AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
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All hail King Root Bear. 
fang980's avatar
The rootbeer empire will take power! 
Chincha40's avatar
Unfortunately Nuka-Cola will kill Pepsi.
Miss-Fortunate-Kitty's avatar
I love it, but I think the liquid should've been cola - while I get that you chose it for blood, but it's more pink than anything. It disturbs the image. 
ricoachuhhar's avatar
lol DEATH TO COCA-COLA!!!!! :rage:
caycowa's avatar
Death to all the sodas
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