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The Cola Wars - Coca-Cola

Yes, I am the original artist behind this photo. I made this.

I shouldn't need to say that however due to the large amount of thief this image suffers from I feel I should, if only to protect myself from being accused of stealing my own art. ;p

Followup pic:
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Relatable. Came to the wrong fridge and house, bruh.

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You stepped intuh the wroooong refrigerator muthafucka
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very creative...
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That's a bad day. 
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I found this photo made into a demotivational poster with the words: "Coca-Cola  - We'll Fuck You Up!" and "Coca-Cola  - It'll Fuck You Up". The former has since been removed. 
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Yeah, that has happened a lot with this picture. It's expected at this point. 
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Those Coca-Cola cans beat the shit out of the Pepsi can
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que viva la coca cola yayyyyyyy
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