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Pterodactyls are vermin sign

Pterosaurs, they're the pigeons of April 22nd 5:02 PM 2011



Sign from Doctor Who "The Wedding of River Song". I thought the sign was just so damn awesome I had to make it for my wall. What can I say? I like signs.

One thing I'm not 100% on is the 'crown of leaves' in the corner. Between screen resolution and my shit-tastic eyesight I'm not sure what it was, it only looks crownish to me.
To figure out what I was looking at exactly, I googled 'Hyde Park signage' and got a sign that a crown-like thing and the words The Royal Park. So I googled that, and determined that yeah that's probably what's on the sign. Ho-ray!

Then it occurred to me that "FML I need to redraw a crown made out of leaves". :(

More importantly however is the question, 'Are those actually pterodactyls'?
Hell if I know, statistically their probably some other sort of pterosaur, other then a pterodactyl. Nevermind that the image on the sign has a long tail but the CG pterosaurs have short tails. Oh well. :shrug:

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Ornithocherius for the win!
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Sure, no problem :D
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what? no! ptetrodactyls eat harmeful aliens that make crop circles. 
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They must be feasting like kings in that world. 
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I am SO taping this to my bedroom wall.
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Go for it, enjoy!
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I so want this on a shirt.
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Best shirt ever!
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I love this episodeee
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Ha brilliant. I'd love a sign like that in my garden :)
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Thank you. Go ahead and just print it out, problem solved.
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XD its a shame he didnt really go to the dinosars. That would have been cool.
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i was in toronto and thought it was funny to see signs to not feed the birds.
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Makes sense really, pigeons are all over there. Just pigeon city!
Of course it'd be hard not to feed them, litter and all that.
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I thought I'd have to make this sign so I could hang it in my room. Thank you you've saved me a lot of time.
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