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MLP - Sunburst


Princess Celestia: "Sunburst, you're a-"
Sunburst: "Wizard?!"
Princess Celestia: "Magic scholar."

New favourite pony. 

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Firetrees are valuable though.
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I know dat feel bro
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He's new to magic. Explains the burning bush. Nothing related to Moses's story.
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Nothing at all. 
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Would prefer author to confirm this, but for now: Okay.
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He'll get there in the end. 
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This is amazing, Sunburst is amazing
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Why the burning bush?
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Because I wanted to draw him having set something on fire and I didn't want to draw a building. Or another pony. 
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Things that make you go... oops! :thumbsup:
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He is my fav pony to
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Wonderful. He's pretty great. 
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Well, looks like SOMEONE had a Near Sunburst Experience.
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He's probably used to it by now. 
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oh boy sunburst you'r in big trouble
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