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Loki and Thor - Found Him

By caycowa
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When they were young Thor and Loki went on all sorts of adventures. Most of them turned out alright. 

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Thor's face (Uh, Loki...)
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so! I found your pictures through Pinterest and I love them! I love your art and your style! Keep on working! :3
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^^ so cute Clap 
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I wonder how mad Odin is going to be.Curious 
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Went down well over on g+!…

Reblogged from yourself on Tumblr
Getting the mug ☕

Writing a mini fic inspired by it (probably just for my eyes only, but having a lot of fun!)
Keep it coming!! Hold Me I'm Scared V2 MSM Intensifies Please and thanks 🍻
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Adorable!  Though now might be a good time for them to try to either negotiate or run....  *grins*
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Alternately, the ice monster smells Loki's true parentage and throws itself on its back to get its belly scratched. :D
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Oooooh, YES!  And Loki cuddles it into utter tameness, and then he and Thor argue about whether Loki should take it home and keep it as a watch-thing and whether Odin would allow it....  *loves*
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Loki: It followed us home ... can we keep it?

Odin *falls into the Odinsleep to avoid answering*
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*cracks up*  And with luck, he'll stay in the Odinsleep forever!  *cheers*
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Thor: Uhm... Loki...?
Loki: Not now, Thor! I'm trying to make use of this map to locate the beast!
Thor: I no longer think the map's services are required... O.o
XD Totally getting Scooby-Doo vibes here. Great job!
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This makes me happy I am a dummy! 
It has that Scooby-Doo feel complete with mysterious fog...Hold Me I'm Scared V2 
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I just wonder who's under that mask :D
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I just love Thor's eyebrows so much!
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