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Loki Was Here

By caycowa
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Based on the Wat No Loki? poster from Loki: Agent of Asgard #11. Fairly straight forward. 

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wow I love all of your art!!!can you do more agent of asgard???
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Ahahhaa! I remember growing up doodling these guys! It was like the only thing I could draw!
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That's interesting. I think that's what it was spread around so much, it's ease of illustration. 
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I'm convinced that Loki (all Lokis) isn't a frostgiant but a true TROLL!. ;P
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The great and mighty mischievous troll-god. 
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Trolling for the troll-god! Let the flamewars burn in his mighty name! \o/
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Omg this was funny when he did that :P
But I swear I hate that son of a frost giant
asdfhasgdfkh Old Loki why you gotta ruin his life and strap him to a chair.
 Gosh darn it now your making me rant!
1. I think old Loki is trying to make 3rd Loki evil or like him so he doesn't get erased from history or his work doesn't.
2. Old Loki is old meaning he could be the first Loki, the second being Kid Loki the purer, better Loki, which was tricked by Old Loki (his past life?) to drink from his helmet knowing he would die, and did it anyway because he hated himself because of a mistake he made and thus he died. Then 3rd Loki is Middle Aged Loki who is living in Kid Loki's body who is the weapon (old loki basically killed kid loki so he could be born again, gdi) that killed Kid Loki. So basically Middle Aged Loki was born to be Old Loki, I guess? Why does this have to be so complicated and confusing?! 
3. I dont even know anymore
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For my own sanity I am not thinking about anything to much until after the last days.

Mostly since I think they're all literally the same. 0_0
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Oh thank god. 
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Did it help somewhat? :) Yes. I did try to explain Loki several times to people without much success ^^;
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It nice to have it all in one place in visiual form, everyone I've tried to explain it to, their eyes just glaze over. If one hasedn't read the comics, its like gibber-gabber. 
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Comicbooks are WEIRD! :meow:
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Looks like a Muppet!
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Fits, something is stuck up his ass. 
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It reminds me of Kellys Heros. :)
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