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Hobbit - Elf Kings' Magical Barrel Ride

Years I ago I went tubing down a river. It was a calm river and good thing as most of my body was in it as I cling to the large inflatable donut. Rubber is slippery when wet don't you know, and my Hobbitesque frame fits nicely through it. Good times.
That is on the fun side of things to float down a river in.

On the other side as anyone familiar with Niagara Falls can tell you is barrels.
Open-barrels especially. They seem awfully top-heavy and difficult to balance in.

But that's got to be an improvement over being sealed into one and bouncing around upside down. As it turns out that's actually quite bad for Dwarf health. Who knew?

Thorin: Leaders put on brave faces.
Fili, Kili: :puke:
Bilbo: O..Ooo...Oo...
Prints now available on my Etsy and my Storenvy

Tumblr Reblog - Dwarves, colour-coded for your convenience
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Poor Bilbo! Someone save him!
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Bilbo : *glurb, glurb, glurb*
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Kili and Fili Tho!
caycowa's avatar
They're having a grand ol' time lol 
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Can't tell if the second panel is spoiling the last movie or not. xD
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One hell of an adventure for Bilbo
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When Middle Earth meets MTV's Jackass.
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Oh my Gandalf, I love this! Poor little Bilbo Baggins! :aww:
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... *wheezes*... Poor Bilboh!!1
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Whatever doesn't kill him makes him stronger. 
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Too right, Hobbits are sturdy creatures :D
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Please remain seated and keep your legs arms feet hands and whole self in the barrel at all times until the ride is has come to a full stop, thank you and enjoy. I am a dummy! 
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Commemorative photos available for $50. Treasure your memories of near-death with your friends and family who survived. 
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Roller coaster ride! With water.:squee: :hooray: 
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This made me laugh so hard... I love this!
Also I watched the movie two days ago.. And Bilbo was totally like that!!!
I'm favoriting this
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Thanks so much. :) 
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I just realised that Bilbo is drowning in dwarf vomit!
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Poor Bilbo! 
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