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Hobbit - Bilbo the Dragon Burglar

By caycowa

Thorin: "That's not what you were supposed to steal!"
Bilbo: "Well what was a supposed to steal then?"
Thorin:"The. Gold"
Bilbo: "There's a BIZILLION pieces! That's your grand plan?"
Thorin: "No, that was Plan C, Plan A was maybe the dragon is dead and Plan b was maybe the wizard will kill it"
Bilbo: "Bloody bald feet"

Kili: *whispering* "I thought Plan A was we're all going to die on the walk over so it's not really important"
Fili: *whispering* "That's Plan Ab"

It's important to note that in this version Smaug is much smaller (he was already the smallest dragon) but not any less dangerous. 

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celedansuniverse's avatar

I love this so much. It's hilarious

Umukzus's avatar

Smaug whispering with a squeaky voice in between: "I´m still fire and death bitches!"

She-Wolf91's avatar
I'm glad I read the description. This is hilarious xD

"I thought Plan A was we were all going to die on the walk over."

"That's Plan Ab." LOL!!!
AluminumFox's avatar

He is baby. He is hugs.

V1EWT1FUL's avatar
oh my god that's adorable
Volespirit's avatar
I can only see this ending in fiery destruction.
theonethatissad's avatar
this is the best thing ever 
AnimeCouples1992's avatar
Cute and funny. Nicely done. XD :thumbsup:
SpicyDragonM8's avatar
This is so cute and funny! ;3
Smaug in this picture reminds me of my cat, Neko. If she doesn't like you, she won't hesitate to shred you.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
How you ever used your cat as weapon?
Nope. Any attacks she chose on her own and that was usually when someone either messed with her pillow or her favorite shoe string. If either of those happened, all bets were off.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
Oh really, so you never picked her up and use a Lazer pointer to target your enemy?

(Sorry about the broken English in the first comment.)
I was tempted at times, but I always found it better to let Yami Neko choose her own targets. It was way more effective.
HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
Ahhh I see, doses she protect you if you're ever threaten by someone.
Keirkan's avatar
xD I'm dying! this was hilariously adorable
Loki-Skywalker94's avatar
I've seen this several times, but it never gets old! I love tiny Smaug so much, and the look on Thorin's face is priceless.
AlexiCyn's avatar
I can't even begin to articulate how much I love this. Every time I see it, it makes me smile and chuckle. Thank you!!!!!
Milli1850's avatar
my god- this is so freaking adorable!!! ><
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