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Doctor Who - The Best Dressed?



Now with additional explanation!

-The first group (1-4): One and Two disapprove of Three and Fours "colourfullness", Four (as is traditional when starting a new say job) blames everything on the previous guy.

-The second group (5-8): Five finds himself greatly concerned about what exactly Seven is going to do that causes Eight. Six's concerns are closer to home.

-The third group (9-11): Nine thinks there is nothing wrong with the way he dresses, Ten agrees with him, this displeased both of them.
Eleven takes notice of the fact that not only does Nine have no hair, he also had neither strips nor a neckband of any sort, everyone else has one or both of those.
Eleven finds this unacceptable.

An "older" version partial version.

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Everyone knows that Two regenerated so hard into Three that he brought color into the universe.