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Doctor Who - Doctor Boo

By caycowa
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Ten is in trouble now. Let's laugh at him. 

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Hawkstorm171's avatar
So precious I want to cuddle him so much

That quote from Undertale: "Would you smooch a ghost? Heck yes."
BritishBronyReviewer's avatar
It's Boo Who lol Lovely work :D
Clockspur's avatar
"- Okay, just hold onto this and then we can fix - oh, oh no, oh no no no,
ya gotta hold it. Hold it - okay, no. Stop dropping the sonic screwdriver.
C'mon, put some spectral energy into it. Pretend you have hands.
How hard can it possibly be to project the idea of holding something -


Y'know, if you keep this up, we're gonna be here all day, man."
TheDoctor728's avatar
Doctor Boo? Wow. The funny thing is; my nickname's Boo-Boo.
The-Wrath-of-Me's avatar
Thats why he didnt want to go.
caycowa's avatar
It would explain so much. Doc don't want to fight Daleks by walking through them. 
The-Wrath-of-Me's avatar
Sounds fun to me xD
Rebelartist92's avatar
Tenth doctor: "Stop it, Stop laughing"
1890sbr's avatar
//intense cackling
blah23z's avatar
Look out its the oncoming sulk.
AlexandraBowmanArt's avatar
Oh, that was too good. 
xXHollowLittleSoulXx's avatar
Atlantihero-Kyoxei's avatar
Omg awww! His expression!
Nim-Sindarin's avatar
awwww!!!! this is adorable!!
deathchrist2000's avatar
Martha: Doctor I-
(Sees Doctor Boo)
Martha: What happened?
Doctor: You know who would know what happened? Ro-
(Martha puts her hand into Doctor Boo and shakes it around in it. She then takes it out, feeling a strange uncomfortable and cold feeling (that is neither uncomfortably cold nor coldly uncomfortable))
Martha: What. Happened.
Doctor: Wellll...
Martha: You insulted someone, didn't you.
Doctor: Wellll...
Martha: (facepalming) I'll get the robot body.
Doctor: No Martha, don't! I can't be seen looking like that! Please, I'm begging you! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK TO WEARING THAT RAINBOW COAT AGAIN!!!!!!!
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
But, I love that rainbow coat... MARTHA! GET IT! AND THE SCARF! AMD A CRAVAT!
deathchrist2000's avatar
I thought the 10th Doctor hated everything that involved cats.
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
...cats? No, he doesn't hate cats but... What'd I say to make you think of cats?
deathchrist2000's avatar
1- apparently he does according to...either Fear Her or Daleks in Manhattan
2- the 6th doctor has a cat pin
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
I only watched those two twice. So, meh.

I love that pin.
deathchrist2000's avatar
So do I. Really brings it all together.
Winters-Dawn1221's avatar
Especially with the polka dotted cravat and stripped pants!
TrunksII's avatar
Me: *gives tenny ghost his sonic screw driver and makes it so hes magically able to hold it*
EgotisticalRaven's avatar
Awwww! I love how you give his hair!
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