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Back to the Future - Rick and Morty

By caycowa
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Oh you've really done it now. 

Lineart for all those interested in artistic process. You'll noticed the lineart has changed a bit, because it's never done until it's finished. ;p 

Back to the Future - Rick and Morty - Lineart by caycowa

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Marty: "Doc! This is heavy... what do we do now?"
Rick: "Why don't you try licking my balls, *burp* see if that does anything for *burp* you, dumbass."

(I bet there will be like two people out of a hundred that will actually understand the reference of that joke.)
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What I wouldn't give to see this happen on the TV series. :) (Smile) 
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Hah, this is fantastic XD . Just seeing these two together, is wonderfully fun. 
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We owe everything to Back to the Future! I am a dummy! 
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Ha, the insurance is gonna be a nightmare!
But I like what you did with the colors, here. :thumsbup:
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and say rick and morty where at the origin a stupid parody of "back to the future" before being a series XD
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See Morty? See? This is why I *BARP!* why I don't do time travel anymore, Morty!
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This is hilarious and great!
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I really love this <3-
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This picture is fucking amazing. It takes my favorite movie and puts it with my favorite tv show. Good job.
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My pleasure. I love both these things, and the really, really belong together. 
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All I hear when I see this is this;

Doc: in the name of sir Isaac Newton! Do you have any idea the scientific value of this vehicle?!

Rick: First of all, sir Isaac Newton was a joke, secondly it's a DeLorean, those things *burp* fall apart like every ten seconds.

Morty: WTH Rick?!

Marty: what time did we end up in this time?
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Exactly, but with more swearing. 
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They would not get on, as Dr brown is about time travel and Rick thinks time travel is absurd and Brown would probably respond similarly to ricks science.
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I bet you Back to the Future is Rick and Morty's Earth Prime
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This is exactly why I love crossovers!!! This is flipping amazing!! >w<
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Met their Alt self in another universe
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