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Inquiring minds want to know, boxers or briefs?
I blame the sixth Doctor. I was sitting around one day pondering how to cure cancer thinking about panties and it occurred to me that six must wear rainbow underpants.

Then of course then I had to ponder the rest of the incarnations of the Doctor.

The follow up to this -
Doctor Who - The Best Dressed? by caycowa
The First Doctor
Union suit AKA “Canadian lingerie”
He’s rebelling against Time Lord society by wearing pants, pun intended.
Good for him.

The Second Doctor

Somebody always got to be naked. These are the rules.

If there's anything that Jamie has taught us, it's that the TARDIS is in underwear free zone.

That and the importance of hugging your Time Lord regularly.

Doctor Who - Yeti Lovin by caycowa

The Third Doctor
Why not, right? I for one can’t picture him in tighty-whiteys.

Actually I can’t imagine him shopping for underwear, so who did he steal those from?

I bet if the director went up to Jon Pertwee and said "in this episode the Doctor is going to wear fishnets", he'd say "great and what's Roger going to wear?"

Doctor Who - Casual Friday by caycowa

The Fourth Doctor

While he will undoubtedly still offer you a Jelly Baby, it’s best not to accept.
He doesn’t have pockets.

Fourth Doctor pin-up by caycowa

The Fifth Doctor
The most likely incarnation to wear quote unquote normal underwear.
Of course he’d still have to carry his emergency snack around in case of Praxis gas. Ha ha vegetables.

The Sixth Doctor
Rainbow power!
The sixth Doctor and his rainbow underwear is what started this whole picture in the first place, it was just too funny a thought to pass by.
While it’s a great visual joke, hence why I’ve keep it in, the more I think about it, logically his underwear would be blue.

The Doctor wants you to know.. by caycowa

The Seventh Doctor
Riddlerware, since he’s oh so mysterious.

The Eighth Doctor
Long underwear.
Sometimes one must ask the big questions in life, such as “What kind of underwear would Oscar Wilde wear?”

Doctor Who and the blanket... by caycowa

The Ninth Doctor
Leather thong.
I imagine leather chafe something fierce but maybe he’s into pain, he has been naughty after all.

The Tenth Doctor
Valiant-issue underwear.
Think about it, otherwise he would have been wearing the same thing for a year straight. Eeeew

The Eleventh Doctor
Rubber duckies are cool.
Because he’s quackers, of course

Doctor Who - Bowties are cool by caycowa
The thumbnail isn't working for me, don't know about you so here's a link to the picture til I work that out.
Bowties are cool!

Update The War Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor - 
The Doctors - Fan Service Version - 8.5 and 12 by caycowa
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briefs definitely