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Hello all! So much has changed since my last journal, it's insane how quickly time passes and things change. To make a long story short, I'm going to be very busy soon but I'd still like to keep up with my photography as best I can. I still don't spend too much time on here since it's just not the same as it used to be. That said, I'm hoping to focus on other sites and get to know you guys better through instagram and/or redbubble. I've been paying more attention to those sites and am trying to motivate myself to continue being active on there so I would love to create more of a community. If any of you are on instagram or redbubble, leave your username/link in the comments and I'll check it out :D 

My info:
Caybeach Photography on Instagram
Caybeach on RedBubble

And of course, how are you guys? What have you been up to? :hug:

PS check out this awesome mashup of Beyonce songs by Todrick on youtube 
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Wow, I haven't been on here in ages. So a lot's happened in the last few months and I'll give you the general updates. One good thing is that I now have a lot of new pictures to share with you guys so I *may* become more active on here. Honestly a big reason I'm not active on here is the sense of community just isn't what it used to be and dA just isn't as fun without it. That said, I'm going to try to post and check messages more often so we'll see how that goes. 

So I guess the biggest update is that I'm now done school. In June I officially graduated from university and received my Bachelor's degree in environmental/wildlife sciences. This was both very exciting and terrifying because for the last 17 years or so I've gone to school and known what was coming next whereas now I'm in limbo of sorts. I originally thought of getting my Masters degree but I decided to take time off and work. If I find a Masters program I really like I'll consider going back to school but for now it's not in my plans. So now I'm job hunting, which is one of the most frustrating things I've ever done but is necessary. I'd prefer something local but if anyone knows of any wildlife/zoo/nature jobs I'd be happy to hear about them. 

Around that time I also ran my second Spartan race (Sprint 5k) then did a new race called the Dead End Race. Both were so much fun with different challenges such as muddy climbs and wading through chest high water. I also finally got to go to the Highland Festival which was so much fun; I got to see the caber toss, pipe and drum bands, learn about my clan. I had such a great time. This past summer I also began a zoo internship which was incredible. I got to work with a huge variety of animals doing feeding, cleaning, and grooming. It was an amazing opportunity and I wish I could have stayed on.  After my internship, I went on a roadtrip to the maritimes which was a blast. I got to see so much wildlife and took so many pictures that I can't wait to share with you. And to continue the travelling, the day after I got home from that trip I immediately left for Alberta to attend a wedding and visit Banff. Again, tons of pictures since the weather conditions weren't ideal but made for a lot of perfect "lucky" shots such as rainbows over the mountains. 

And now you're pretty much caught up :) 

And for some shameless promotion; if you know anyone or you yourself would like a journal/website commission please see my commission journal (… ) . Also if you would like any of my photos as prints/phone cases/greeting cards/throw pillows/bags/etc please check out my redbubble shop (… ). If a certain photo isn't there, feel free to send me a note and I'll see what I can do. :)

Also just because I like sharing music, here are my top 5 songs at the moment:
Run runaway - Great Big Sea [link] 
How long will I love you - Ellie Goulding [link]
Heaven in our headlights - Hedley [link]
Shake it off - Taylor Swift [link]
White squall - Stan Rogers [link]

What are yours? :)

And to end this journal:
How have you been? What have you been up to? I'd love to hear from you guys :hug:
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Hello, it's been awhile. How are you guys? Life's been pretty crazy so I haven't had much time for photography or editing. I'm debating devoting more time to dA but it seems pretty quiet on here lately so I'll see. I'd definitely like to get back into photography and edit the rather large amount of photos I've had waiting on my laptop for ages. I'll be posting here now and then, I just don't know how often I'll check in. 
So, some updates of what's been going on. School has been insane. I took almost all electives for my last semester thinking they'd be interesting and easy...turned out they were all very work intensive courses. I've never read so much for school in my life. But all that hard work will have paid off because (provided I passed all of my exams) I will be done my bachelors degree. This is both exciting and terrifying because I decided not to get a masters right away and had to figure out what I wanted to do next. I have an internship for the summer which I'm very excited about and we'll see what comes next. I'm also training to run two 5k races this year which is very exciting since I loved the one I did last year. I've also gotten back into website design since I had to make one for a class, so I'm most likely to make myself a website.
If anyone is interested in a website, css, or photo editing I'm opening commissions so please check out the journal post (… ) and send me a note. Websites aren't listen on the journal but send me a note and we can discuss prices. 

And now I'm off to listen to music, watch something on netflix, and do some long overdue editing :)

How have you been? What have you been up to? :) 
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Hey all, I know I haven't been very active on here. dA isn't what it used to be and I haven't done much photography lately. I just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy holiday season. I hope you're all doing well, and have a safe and happy holiday. :)
:bulletred: Commissions are currently CLOSED :bulletred:

After reading the commission information, if you are interested in a commission please send me a note through deviantART or an email at 

Journal Skins

There are two options for journal skins:
:bulletorange: The basic journal skins I make include a background, thumbnails, navigation links, header and footer images if desired, and one main textbox. These journal skins cost $10 CAD. 
:bulletorange: Additional features could include a scrolling text box, additional text boxes, subtitles with or without images, ordered/unordered lists, buttons, and social media icons. A commission with one or two of these features would cost $15 CAD. A commission with 3 or more of these features would cost $20-30 CAD. 

If you have images or a design you'd like me to use for the journal skin, feel free to send them in the note and I'll let you know if using them would be possible. However, please remember that I cannot use copyrighted images. 

:bulletorange: If you would like to commission a journal skin send me a note providing:
  • Information such as colours, ideas, what you're looking for in the journal skin
  • If you want additional features, which features you would like 
  • An email address to which I can send the finished codes and instructions
:bulletorange: If I accept the commission, you must pay up front.  
:bulletorange: Payment in points will not be accepted
:bulletorange: Payment will be accepted via paypal in Canadian dollars
:bulletorange: Upon accepting the commission, I'll give you an approximate date of when you'll receive the journal skin. Generally, they will take less than one week. 

Examples of my css work:
Journal for EmiliaPaw5 by caybeach Journal CSS for WildByDesign by caybeach Kawaii Faces Journal Skin by caybeach DarlingAngel0565 CSS by caybeach Optimus Prime CSS for FrizzieKizzie by caybeach
You can see a full gallery of my css work here:…


I am also available to either make you a website, or update your current website. The cost for this work will vary but should be approximately $20-40 CAD. I am open to working on multiple platforms including wordpress, blogger, tumblr, and weebly. If you're interested, send me a note or email explaining the type of work you'd like done. 

Photo Editing

I'm also offering to edit photos for those interested. I'm unsure as to how long I'll offer this but for now it's an option.
:bulletorange: I charge 5$ per photo.
:bulletorange: Send me a note if you're interested with a link to the image so I can see it.
:bulletorange: If I accept the editing commission, you must provide me an email address to which I can send the edited image
:bulletorange: You must pay up front
:bulletorange: Payment in points will not be accepted
:bulletorange: Payment will be accepted via paypal in Canadian dollars


Prints and other products are available from my  redbubble store
Products include: cards, postcards, posters, prints, and iphone/samsung cases.

my image
Wow I haven't updated much on here in ages. School was crazy this last semester and I've been busy ever since. I haven't been out for photography much lately but I'm hoping to change that and I did manage to get out hiking and take some photos so hopefully I'll get those edited and posted soon.
As the title of the journal suggests, I decided to take the plunge and try selling my work through redbubble. I've wanted to for awhile but told myself no one would buy anything so why bother. Lately I've have a more positive attitude in general and I'm going outside my comfort zone more so I figured why not. I finally decided that no one can buy anything if it's not even available, so I may as well make them available and see what happens. I have a whole bunch of images available as greeting cards, postcards, prints, and several iphone cases which I'm obsessed with and make me wish I had an iphone to use them on. Here is the folder of images on dA that are for sale…, and here is the link to the shop on redbubble if anyone is curious or interested….

I also have a tumblr blog for my photography if anyone is interested in that….

Also, I'm considering opening commissions for journal skins so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested. I'd probably charge about 10-20$ depending on the complexity so if anyone thinks they'd be interested let me know :)

I hope everyone's doing well, and good luck to all those in exam period! :)
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Hey guys, I'm working on a project about whether or not humans should be allowed to interact with wildlife. I was wondering if anyone has any photos of people interacting with wildlife in either positive or negative ways that they'd be willing to let me use in a school presentation (with credit, of course). It is specifically wildlife, no zoo animals or pets. Some examples of interactions are: swimming with wild animals, cars or people too close or a safe distance on safari, feeding or baiting animals, showing good and bad distances when photographing animals, touching the animals, etc. If you have any stories or photos you'd be willing to share please let me know :)
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Hi all, quick update: life's been crazy so I haven't had much time for photography or dA but I'll hopefully be submitting more soon.
And now onto the point of this journal. I've had increasing issues with my work being used as stock in photomanipulations so I'm setting out a disclaimer to explain my rules for using my work.
1) Ask me first. Simple as that. I'll generally allow original drawings or paintings where my photo is used as a reference but ask in advance as there are some photos in my gallery that I do not want used.
2) If I give you permission to use my photos as a reference, I require that you give credit and link to my photo in the artists comments.
3) My work is not stock. That means no photomanipulations or manipulating the photo in any way.
4) I used to request that a "this is not stock" or "this was used with permission" be added to their artists comments but with increasing issues that's changed. I have a clear FAQ journal and each deviation has a copyright notice on it stating that it is not to be used without permission. If it still used, it will be reported. It's blunt, but I don't have the time to chase after people using my work without permission and waiting to find out if they'll respond to my message or not.

If there are any questions please check my FAQ Journal (…) or ask me.

I hope everyone's doing well, and good luck to all those finishing up their semesters. Happy holidays if I don't write another journal until then. :)
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Quick Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 7:25 AM

:thumb311572370: Lady with Umbrella by dannyst
Raiz by too-much4you

Mature Content

saturated by Enaston
Look up by Tienna Happiness is a wet otter by jaffa-tamarin Cougar by Yair-Leibovich
:thumb284792406: And It Was All Yellow by X5-442

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Journal Entry: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 3:42 PM

:thumb323240632: Denz by Al-Baum Funny guys. by Vitaly-Sokol
Breeze by mariyaolshevska Nature's Kawaii, Baby sloth by Psithyrus Miss M by byebyeanna
Outono by too-much4you Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Around and Around by IngoSchobert

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Still Around

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 4:18 PM

Wow I feel like I haven't been on here in ages. I pop in every now and then but for the most part dA's been neglected for the last couple months. How is everyone doing? What have you been up to? Any summer plans?
I haven't done much photography in a long while, my poor camera has gone ignored for the most part. I finished my first year at university, which went well. I really enjoy my school, the campus, and everyone I've met has been great. I took a summer course as well which I think I'll avoid from now on, it was a lot more difficult than I was expecting because of how much information they cram into a few hours everyday for a month. I also had my wisdom teeth out so I'm finally feeling back to normal after that. At the moment I've decided to overhaul my room and it's in the "gets worse before it gets better" phase but hopefully I can get everything sorted soon. I'm hoping to try out a temporary hair dye technique for streaks so I'll probably post a picture whenever I get around to doing that. I'm also working on a story that RalfMaximus prompted so we'll see how that goes.
I'm much more active on tumblr so if you're on there, feel free to add me or message me:
I also co-run a Lyme Disease Awareness blog that I'd greatly appreciate if you'd all check out:…
And that's all I can think of for now.
How are you all doing? :hug:

Fluffy Friend by Sarah--Lynne These Boots 1 by tinfoilmedia CB Henna 1 by tinfoilmedia Terminal Morraine by islandtime
:thumb297894555: Jaguar - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Katherine by PerryGallagher
Memory TrainThey parked at a Circle-K and hiked up the canyon trail behind the store, making it to the top of the ridge by sundown.  The day had been blazing, katydids buzzing past them in lethargic arcs the whole way.  Tall grass bit at them and stuck to their sweat-soaked clothing but presented little challenge otherwise... but now the sun was down and warm desert winds gave way to cool breezes.
The railroad tracks were as they remembered, twin gleaming beams carrying moonlight off to the horizon in both directions.  Track so straight they appeared photoshopped, movie magic as done by lazy CGI animators who couldn't be bothered with realism.
She bent down to touch one cool rail.  It sang in her hand.
"Soon," she looked up at him, expression unreadable.  "We haven't much time."
He nodded, unslung his pack.  Started removing items: tent, camping gear, food for breakfast.  From the bottom he fished out a tiny digital camera and t
Your AftermathThere's a lifetime of things I never told you
an ocean between us that I was too scared to cross;
I should have swam to you though, darling.
I should have thrown every key to your feet
and allowed you to unlock whichever secrets you desired.
I should have told you how much I love you
(present tense; never past)
how often my heart beats your name
how hot my skin is every time you touch me
how your voice is like music and when I dream,
it's filled with your dulcet tones
how I can't think of anyone else
no matter how hard I try.
I should have told you
because now it's too late
now you're in a place where I can't reach you
where I can't touch you
or hear you
or beg you not to get into your car
after a lonely night at the bar.
You don't have to deal with the aftermath
but what about those of us
who have to pick up all the pieces you left behind?
You're gone
leaving me in the wake of my mistakes
my regrets
my should-have, what-if's.
All those years I thought I was most afraid of dying,
but y
four: potato"You're like a potato," he said.
"Fattening and I go straight to your thighs?" I replied.
"No," he laughed, "you fill me."
"That is, by far, the most horrible comparison I have ever heard in my life," I told him.
"But, it's the truth. There was always something missing, some void that I wasn't quite sure how to fill. Suddenly you came along, humming a little tune under your breath, sipping a latte, and looking completely beautiful. I never could have imagined you, not in a million years. And here you are, mine all mine, and you fill that void."
I was speechless. Well, almost speechless. I grabbed his hands and said, "But, really. A potato? That's the best you have?"
"I'm not the writer, you are."
"That's true."
"Forever and for always?"
"Forever and for always. But never compare me to a potato again."
Snapshot Series 2I miss the way you woke me with a kiss and looked at me as if we were the only two people alive. You'd smile and my heart would stop for just a moment until you'd kiss me again and the blood would quicken through my veins, pumping faster with each touch of your lips. I miss the way your eyes would crinkle in the sunlight as you threaded your fingers with mine, squeezing tightly as if you feared with each sunrise I'd be gone, having floated away with the moon and stars. I don't think you ever trusted me to stay. I had too much wanderlust and too many dreams to stay in one place too long.
So when I awoke one morning to find a note on the counter and your clothes out of the closet, I couldn't help but wonder for a few moments if I was still sleeping. Because I'd gone and fallen in love and suddenly leaving was the farthest thing on my mind. It never occurred to me that you might leave, too.
Every morning I was grounded to that mattress, stationary in the spot you'd left me in. It was you

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2012, 3:32 PM

Not much to say, I'm not on dA all that much anymore other than to answer comments and take care of groups. Thank you to anyone who voted for my cousin, I really appreciated it :)
I really just wanted to write a post about a movie I saw today called Cyberbully. I think everyone should watch the movie Cyberbully if only to realize the impact that anything you post online can have on both you and others. It also talks about ways to deal with cyberbullying that most people would probably never even think of. I'm posting a link to the trailer as well as to part 1 of the movie on youtube (the rest of the movie itself can very easily be found on youtube) and I'm sure sites like Hulu and Netflix will have it as well. It's definitely worth the max 2 hours the movie is; it really shows the effects that cyber bullying can have.

Part 1 of the movie:…

I hope everyone's doing well, take care :hug:

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Features and Vote Please (and get featured)

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 15, 2012, 9:15 PM

:star: EDIT: Thank you so much to those who voted, I really appreciate it and I know my cousin does as well. She's made it into the top 40 and is as excited as ever for the last week and a half of voting time. You can vote once every 24 hours so please keep on voting, and as always, if you vote leave a comment letting me know and I'll feature you below! The features have also been updated so please take a look at their work :)
Thank you all again! Take care :heart:

Hey all. Not much to update, I'm still fairly busy with school and haven't been paying all that much attention to dA other than helping out with the groups I admin. I'd really appreciate it if you could vote for my cousin in a contest to become a model for Garage (clothing company). Simply click the link, "like" the page, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click vote :) You can vote once a day until April 2nd :)
If you do vote, send me a comment saying which number voter you were and I'll do another journal featuring each of you.

I'll add the features as the days go on and I resubmit the journal so the earlier/more you vote, the longer you'll be featured :)

Thank you in advance to anyone who votes :heart:

And anyone who donated $25 or more to HeWhoWalksWithTigers's internship with FREELAND to help save tigers in Thailand was promised a feature so here it is!

Sassy by MoonsongWolf The Honour of a Thief by MoonsongWolf Winter's Soul by MoonsongWolf
Nautilus by MoonsongWolf Our Land is Holy by MoonsongWolf The Light Resists Her by MoonsongWolf

:thumb270297625: Black Dragon by tarkheki Blue Raven by tarkheki
Bill and Sookie by tarkheki SWT- Master of Planets by tarkheki Circus of Animals V-VIII by tarkheki


Let your garden grow by Snapdragonfly-Ink Love Bug 1 by Snapdragonfly-Ink Guin Baby by Snapdragonfly-Ink
Snowball by Snapdragonfly-Ink Tango with a Terror Bird by Snapdragonfly-Ink The Spirit walks in unending twighlight by Snapdragonfly-Ink


:heart:Soul-Reader :heart:
I, You, Wei.
I am someone
Who can love
Laugh and cry
I try to make the world
A better place
And in my own way, I succeed
I am a better person because of my
Past troubles
All the different things, that make me I
You are beautiful, strong and independent
A better person than the one
Who makes fun of your glasses
You are worth the scars on my wrists and more
You are more than a total eclipse
Lighting up the world around you
With your eternal beauty,
Inside and out
You give a shit
We, together
Are a force to be reckoned with
We are the revolution
Standing against the masses
Together, we are One
Mountain Road by Soul-Reader Emu by Soul-Reader Never Have INever have I
Loved another
Like I love you
Never have I
Hurt over another
Like I've hurt over you
The emotion that pulses
Through my heart
Is nothing like I have ever
Felt before
Its beyond me
This game that we call life
I know I've hurt
I know I've lied
But I'll never stop
Loving you
Not for all the dreams in the universe
Three Cliffs Bay by Soul-Reader

He Doesn't Need to KnowHe doesn't know I love him.
I hide it in the places no one else knows;
sandwiched among the fondest of memories
thriving between my pores.
I am healed by it in the places unseen,
Bridging fissures in my soul and
Folding creases in my heart.
I protect it in cascades of moments,
Masquerades of silly smiles
and crooked grins.
I will share it once he knows
and I will thank him
for not knowing that I love him.
Butterfly KissesI lay naked in bed, twirling open scissors between
my fingers and toying with pressure without breaking skin.
Temptation looms at my ankles, knees and thigh;
trails of butterflies cascade down my legs,
kissing old scars and potential wounds.
Their colours conflict with my emotions.
Their cheerful beauty angers me.
The sweet sting I expect turns out to be bitter.
Safely ForgottenI'll keep you locked away,
deep inside
my heart
for as long as
I still have
the key.
Lather, Rinse, RepeatLather
Until pink pools beneath my feet,
swirls down the drain and
soapsuds turn white.
Until my arms are raw,
my fingers prune and
the suds turn pink again.
Until the hearts no longer stain my arms,
water pelts my bare chest cold and
I cleanse myself of the promise.
The Zachary Greene Story Pt. 1It was another dull and dreary early morning for Zachary Greene. It was almost raining. More than a drizzle, but not yet a steady rain. It was one of those rains that was not enough to keep the windshield wipers on, but it was too heavy to leave them off. It irked Zack's father more than it irked him.
He could hear the wipers screeching against the windshield irregularly but he could not see them unless he craned his neck around the passenger seat. Even though he was now seventeen years old, his overprotective father would not allow him to sit in the passenger seat of their white pick up truck. Instead of looking out the windshield he watched the rain slide across his window.
"Dad." He spoke quietly. His father did not seem to hear him. He said it again, louder this time. No answer. He was not sure if he should try getting his father's attention a third time. There was a long pause before he finally repeated the name for a third time.
"What is it this time Zachary?"  Zack's f

The Muses - 1 by tinfoilmedia:thumb284778139: City Art 5 by tinfoilmedia:thumb286930081: Steps 2 by tinfoilmedia

ValueI'll cling
to this dream
of better life
Holding tightly
to a memory
of being worth something
so useless....
so useless....
so worthless....
What happened
to all I was worth
what went wrong?
publicly left
suddenly no longer there
what was it
that caused offence?
I have nothing to hide
but do you?
TrailsHave you ever looked
upon the trails of time?
Seen the paths crossing and weaving
themselves into a maze?
Have you ever tried to find
the path that you've created?
Search through the hills and valleys
to find the outcome?
Tried to search for your future
only to find it unknown?
Now, if you insist on looking
search for the patterns in the paths you've crossed
Learn what to avoid
see the danger before it comes
Choose carefully if you wish to be
right where you may thrive

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School, Skype, G+, and Features

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 9, 2012, 5:10 PM

Hey guys :D I hope everyone's doing well. During my break I relaxed, read, watched How I Met Your Mother, and joined a couple of hangouts on G+ which were lots of fun.  I think that's the thing I like most about G+, the hangouts are just so much fun to do when you get a bunch of people together and you get to meet lots of great people. If you're on G+, add me to your circles (…) and if you're appearing online when we get a hangout going, I'll invite you.
I'm back at school now but so far I think I'm really going to like my classes since they focus more on animals and I can see the direct link between the material and my major. It's still quiet since the semester is just starting up and I'm hoping it'll wait a bit to get crazy. I reorganized my schedule and I'm really happy with it now, I no longer end late several times a week and I have less long breaks between classes. This also means I have more time to work on getting my drivers license and a job, two things I've been meaning to work on for awhile.
Also, if anyone has added me on skype and hasn't been accepted, I'm sorry. I get a lot of requests from people I don't know so unless you leave your dA username or I know you well enough to recognize your name, I won't accept it. I don't check skype as often but feel free to add me at cay_beach.
I spent an evening editing some photos so I'll be sure to get some of those posted sooner or later. I'm still working on the messages but I'm slowing getting through them. And...I think that's all I really had to say. I hope you're all doing well, take care :)

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Back from school insanity, and Happy Holidays!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2011, 9:39 PM

Hey all :D Hope everyone's been doing well. Sorry if this is the second time you're seeing this journal, I tried posting it with stash writer but it was annoying the heck out of me and not allowing me to edit anything so I gave up and used the old method. Anyhoo, I think this is probably the longest I've gone without updating or posting anything. School was insane to say the least. Up until midterms it wasn't too crazy but from midterms until the last exam was just absolute insanity. Lots of stress, essay writing and studying, I don't think I've ever studied as much as I did for these last few exams. But as of last night I am finally done the semester! Now I can finally read something for fun that isn't about soil or plants. I seriously plan to sleep and read for about 90% of my break. And edit some photos since I haven't done that in ages. I also have a ton of messages on here to get through, I'll try to get through them during break but 8000 messages will take awhile. Let's see what else is new....I got a new laptop for school, I absolutely love it. My other laptop is about 5 years old and sections of the keyboard are broken so it's not exactly easy to use for lecture notes. And while I'm talking about the laptop I should thank TheseKrimzonFlames and RalfMaximus for putting up with my barrage of questions about computers and helping me pick out a good one, you guys are awesome :hug:
What are you guys doing for the holidays? Have anything special planned? :D
I'm going to be relaxing, spending time with my family and friends, and catching up on lots of reading. As much as I hate the idea of shopping on Christmas eve, I'm going shopping tomorrow for last minute Christmas gifts and something to wear for family get togethers. I did two paintings for my parents but I want to see if I can find anything else to buy for them with my sister. I'll post pictures of the paintings after the holidays for anyone who's interested.  And we have snow! I couldn't believe that we didn't have any snow on the ground, it's just not Christmas without snow, so I was thrilled to find out we have a bunch of snow on the ground and it should stay til Christmas.
I think that's about it, I'm gonna go play rollercoaster tycoon :B
I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and enjoy the features :hug: :heart:

Last day of the summer... by Swan-Lake Autumn Leaves by nnIKOO Sleeping beauty by Moowna
:thumb275366424: Love me, love me by woxys Kiss Of Light by Dani-Lefrancois
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Return to SenderEmily,
I find myself thinking of you again after so many years.  I wonder what you’ve been up to, how things have gone since we parted.  I’m sorry it didn’t end so well… I’ve thought about that final day together, perfect in sun and water yet so utterly wrong.  I meant for it to be a chance to rediscover ourselves, but maybe we learned how wrong we were for each other at that time.  But even so, I wonder.  What if it was just a bad day?
Of course, I still love you.  I never stopped.  I’ve had other people in my life, but never really moved on.  Despite myself I compare and contrast, wondering how I’d react if you suddenly showed up on my doorstep.
No, that’s not true.  I know how I’d react.  And it scares me a bit.
Anyway, I’ll keep this short.  Just trying to make contact, and maybe if you can revise history a bit, see that las
SimplySimply, I love you.
My palms chafe your shuddering soul at night;
In my dreams I whisper your being.
I ride the stripped steel string of your echoed chord,
cradled in song, I chase the puckered silhouettes of fading shouts,
past struggles my fingertips worry into nubs.
(I love you)
Sometimes my jaw screams from clenching,
and my teeth buckle under the grinding torture
your memory springs -
slaking my thirst of you would drip you barren,
till your essence would curdle and evaporate to memorandums.
But I love you.
There is no agony like the crucifixion of your loss.
No death like the fatality of your displeasure. .
The slippery skip of polyrhythmic heartbeats,
yours and mine tattooing stuttered fractals
in foreign signatures.
This I love.
I graze your chest, slicked with trusts and
heated affection. My tongue darts past to peel back facade till it strikes you.
You taste of my love.

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Lurking in the Shadows and JCW Meet Up

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 5:27 PM

Hey guys :D How is everyone? I know I've been pretty quiet on dA lately, and unfortunately that's not likely going to change anytime soon. School is pretty crazy, and only going to get more so. I still check in every once in awhile but I don't like to submit any work if I can't go through the deviations in my message center so I probably won't submit any new photos for little awhile.
Also wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to the fellow Canadians out there :aww:
This past weekend, my family and I drove to Toronto to meet up with some friends from dA. My sister (Edwardlover17) and I met up with WildByDesign2, TVD-Photography, and HeWhoWalksWithTigers. It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad we got to see everyone :D As always I'll put a few pictures below and there will be a few features as well :)

Take care :hug::heart:

JCW Meet Up Photos

Dani (TVD-Photography) and Kuba (HeWhoWalksWithTigers) with Nadine

Lauren (Edwardlover17) and I with Nadine (Photo courtesy of Kuba)

Nadine playing with Kuba's camera case

Lauren with Daisy

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Photos, Books, Songs, Features

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2011, 11:06 PM

:star::star: To anyone on the east coast of the United States or Canada please be careful of the hurricane and follow all precautions. Memnalar wrote a great journal about hurricane Irene that I recommend anyone who may be affected read:…
Stay safe :)

:star: Just want to say a quick thank you to the anonymous deviant who bought me a premium membership, I appreciate it, thank you very much :hug:

Hey guys :D I realized I hadn't posted a journal in about a month so I figured I would explain why I've been so quiet on here for the last little while. Main reason was because I was working full time as a secretary for a week then on vacation for 3 weeks with my family. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, New Orleans, and then Florida where we met up with some of my cousins.  It was so much fun and I miss being in Florida with my cousins like crazy. l'll post a few pictures below from the trip if anyone is interested :) I start back at school soon which I'm not really looking forward to. I'm pretty nervous about it since I'll be starting university at a campus where I don't really know anyone. I've basically just been relaxing, listening to music, and reading a lot :) I have a lot of photos to process so I'll those posted eventually. As well as the vacation pictures and normal features, I'll also post a list of some of my favorite books and songs below for anyone who's interested. Oh and I had also been working on a story from a prompt RalfMaximus posted which was fun, I posted it if you want to read it.   

Mature Content

I hope you're all doing well :heart: What have you been up to? :) :hug:


The Book of Awesome - Neil Pasricha
The Perks of Being a Wallflower -  Stephen Chbosky
On Mystic Lake - Kristin Hannah
Outlander - Diana Gabaldon
The Reef - Norah Roberts
Born in Fire/Ice/Shame series - Norah Roberts


You Make Me Feel - Cobra Starship
Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
Forget About It -  All Time Low
Hero of War - Rise Against
Monster - Paramore
This Is War - Thirty Seconds To Mars
Turning Tables - Adele
Set Fire To The Rain -  Adele
Someone Like You -  Adele

Vacation Photos

My sister (Edwardlover17) and I at the Georgia Aquarium with a whale shark in the background

My sister and I at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans

A sign at the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans, I thought it was interesting

A photo from the Daytona Cubs game we went to see

Two beached manatees (the tide came up and they swam back)

And this is basically what I did the whole time I was in Florida :B

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Updates and feature

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 17, 2011, 3:24 PM

Hey guys :D How are you? :hug: Not all that much has been happening, I just wanted to post a new feature and figured I would write a journal at the same time. I've just been relaxing, reading, swimming, hanging out with friends. I'm going to be working all this coming week so I don't know how much I'll be on dA, depends if work is crazy or not. It's either crazy and I'm constantly busy with phone calls or paperwork...or there's nothing to do and I just wander online all day. I've also joined Google which I'm really liking so far. If anyone else is on there you can add me here if you wish. My sister, cousin, and I also went to Granby Zoo recently so I'll slowly be posting photos from there.  And that's about it. Take care, and onto the features :D :heart:

Winding Nature by farcry77 outside in by ntscha Skippy by DrewHopper
.:Show Me How:. by LSouthern:thumb221302768::thumb201784498:
Camouflaged by Addran:thumb202830940::thumb39737428:

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Back Home

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2011, 6:55 PM

Hey guys :) I'm home from Atlanta, sorry I didn't post this earlier but after a 12 hour day of travelling then 3 hour drive the next day I was exhausted. I had an incredible trip, everyone was amazing and I miss them all like crazy. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I've had to do. I really hope I can go back soon :heart: Here are a few photos and a video from the trip :)

Here's a picture from the zoo of Taylor and a warthog

A lemur who kept hiding but I was finally able to get one photo of for Taylor

An adorable 7 month old Panda named Po (first time seeing a Panda! :excited:)

And here is one of Jamie's cats, PJ. She was adorable and stalked me the entire 2 weeks :XD:

Taylor and I :B

Tay loves having her photo taken so we had a quick photoshoot with Buggabugga :lol:

On the flight home we flew around a thunderstorm which was amazing to watch (I love lightning); I was staring out the window the entire flight. I took a quick video and it really doesn't do it justice but it's still neat to see so if you're interested you can watch it here.

I currently have almost 5000 messages in my inbox  so I'll get to those sooner or later :XD:
I hope you're all doing well. What have you been up to? :)

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Updates and off to Georgia!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2011, 10:54 AM

:star: UPDATE: Obviously I haven't posted an "I'm home!" journal yet and I completely forgot to update this earlier ^^; I ended up rescheduling my flight home so I could stay a few more days :boogie: I will only be getting home on the 28th or 29th now. Not much else to say, I'm having an amazing time and plan to just enjoy my last few days here. Take care all! :heart:
Hey guys :D How are you? :hug: I know I still haven't been all that active on dA, I've just been taking it easy and relaxing. I went to Toronto in May for my cousin's confirmation, and while we were there we went to the Toronto Zoo. I also went for a walk with my sister and mom and took quite a few photos then so I've been busy editing new and older photos. I finally' finished editing the photos I had forgotten about from my sisters prom last year and got them posted on facebook so you can check those out if you're interested. I did manage to go see the movies Bridesmaids and The Hangover 2 which was fun. I just have to say: if you haven't seen Bridesmaids, you definitely should. It was an amazing movie, I laughed the entire time. I surprisingly liked The Hangover 2, it's the same type of storyline and humor as the first one but it had its funny moments. Plus it was great to see my friends again, they had been in London for the last little while :)    

And now for the main point of this journal....:eager: I'm off to Georgia! :excited: I'm so excited, I've been wanting to visit TheseKrimzonFlames for ages and now I finally am. I don't know how much I'll be online while I'm there, I'm guessing not very much so I probably won't be active on here for a little while. If anything I'll update on twitter since I tend to post more there anyway. Anyway, I'll be home on the 23rd so I'll probably write another journal on the 23rd or 24th depending on what time I get home and how tired I am from the flights.

I hope you're all doing well :) What have you been up to? :hug:
Take care :love:

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