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Post Apocalyptic Capitol

Post Apocalyptic Capitol Photomanipulation

here is the Original Pic

Dome: screenshot from Fall Out 3

Bird Brushes by: :iconnarghaash-stock:

Rest my self.
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"I don't want to set the world on fire..."

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this Picture is open source so feel free to use it just credit it to CaWoDa ;)
Hi, this is a great photo manipulation!
how do we get permission to use this picture on a cd cover?
Revolution much? That show's surprisingly good. Check it out before NBC fouls it up.
Hey, this is fantastic. Love the color palette. I'm a teacher and I create a lot of lesson materials for my classroom and other teachers. Would you mind if I use this as a background pic in a presentation I'm making about post-apocalyptic literature? I would credit you and include a link back to your Deviant gallery (and a website if you'd like.)
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Helloooo. I am asking permission to use this on a site I'm making for rp. Kinda a post-apoc rp.
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feel free to use it :)
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This pic just makes me sad that Fallout 3 isn't compatible with my laptop. :( Great work, though!
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I spy a new desktop background :)
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This looks like it could be a screenshot from Fallout 3, only bleaker. Great job!
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I'm surprised that the secret service didn't jump on this picture. xD
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Beautiful. Love the green. Awsome pic!
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I think that if this were to happen, Washington D.C would become deserted, but yet part of an independent country known as the Virginian Commonwealth.
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I like this. Well done.
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really good job!
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