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I Have So Many Questions!

They burn! :noes:

:bulletblue: But but but guys! Where are all the rules that tell me what I can and cannot do with my Cavitto?!

A: Well, member rules are right over there at the index. But you really shouldn't stress so much! This breed is open to so many creative ideas on purpose. How your Cavitto goes about choosing his or her path and what gods or goddesses they might have belonged to or might WANT to belong to is up to you! Sure, there's a little bit of guidance here for you but you are the storyteller.

:bulletblue: Umm ok I don't care about stories, I just want a sparkly pony to take to shows. What about those?

A: That's fine, too! When the group has enough interested members there will be shows held here just for you! You don't have to be part of the HARPG to own a Cavitto, but you are more than welcome to use them as such.

:bulletblue: Okay, say I AM in the HARPG. Tell me about disciplines I could show my Cavitto in!

A: This will be better explained on the breed-sheet, but it's a good question for this box, too. Cavittos are LARGE. While versatile, they would not excel at show-jumping unless they're allowed to cheat and use their wings. However they're surprisingly graceful and wonderful horses for dressage. They also are great for cross-country, endurance, driving, jousting (oh yes we just went there) and other heavier-breed based sports.

:bulletblue: Well if you're just going to reclaim my horse then I don't want to play anyways. :grump:

A: The reclaim rule is more for deviants who deactivate, stranding their Cavittos. In this case the group would take those horses back and put them back into auction at a future date. The only other instance where a reclaim might happen is if you jump off the deep end and break every rule you can find, then stand on your head with no pants saying "neener neener neener." Now, while we're not quite sure why you took your pants off, we would take your Cavitto's back in this instance as if you are banned from the group, you are not allowed to own one. Unfortunately we've had to include "not registering ever ever" as a reason to reclaim as well--if you never plan to register your Cavitto, do us all a favor and don't get one! It makes us all very sad inside. Now we're all sad and pantless. See what you did. :iconsadtardplz:

:bulletblue: I want an Anomaly. Gimmie. :stare:

A: Cavitto Discoveries (including Anomalies) are imported based on how many active watchers and members the group has. After all, 20 imports for 3 members doesn't make much sense, right? So be sure to give us a watch if you're interested in owning one, or keep an eye open for customs!


More questions will be added as they arise. :heart:

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Run to the night desert by EsaArts
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Alektor ID #1407 - DECEASED by ReQuay
1480 OTTBS Enid by Baylili00
Lachesis ID #1463 by monymay14
ID 1469 NLS Shadowing Nights of Greek Fyre by KiaFyre
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1472 Foal Design by ANIMALGIRL1869
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Chloe design  1501 by purpleshadowbooster
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KyraAkir Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2019
You guys have to check out this amazing game! Amazing graphics and horses! You build your own ranches, breed, train compete! Landscape and horses are incredible! Also you can do everything even without a sub!

Also if you use my code: 8337 in referral box, you get gs- game money 1k & essence used for unlocking tools to start you off. When I am on I can lease you a fully tacked horse
Juliantic Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you still breed Cavittos? With the breed closed and all? 
I have a pair from forever ago I never got around to breeding and I really wanna breed them.

You'd probably just need to contact the dam/sire owners when the group was closed we just started on a new foal listing starting from 1500** I think (I'd check the gallery for foals most recently posted).  The only difference is foals bred now won't be on an "official" listing.

(Also I'm replying on my alt account I just realised lol) 
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ummm I made a poll that has to do with Cavittos.. ummm I hope its ok I post it here so I can get more help. The baby will be art auctioned off! Thank you for any help and votes!! Please comment on poll if you will want enter!…
Solis-oculus Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can cavitto  horns be made up... or do they have to be natural (like kudu, oryx, goats cows?)
PolarisAstrum Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They can be made up, yes :nod:
Solis-oculus Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yaaaaay!
akumawolfsong Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a question concerning a horse I'm drawing. I honestly have no clue if this counts as a chibi or not for when counting VP once I finish coloring it.
I'm so clueless
PolarisAstrum Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
From just the sketch it's a bit hard to tell, but the anatomy looks the same as your other works, so I wouldn't consider it a chibi since it's the same style you usually draw in?
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