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Was tagged by :iconsharp-chivers: and this seemed sugoi so lets learn about LEON

1.) Post the rules.

2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars

Leon by Cavitees
THE Leon

1. Who the heck is Leon anyway????
Leon ~was~ just any other kid. He had a loving mother, a comfortable home, went to a normal public school, and had a sociopathic desire to make the world his. For the sake of an interesting story, Leon is a SUPER GENIUS of a person and was able to create bizarre and unusual experiments and creations his whole life. Being a hedonist, he just used his powers to create a giant sex mansion for the rich and famous. 

2. Who helped him make this wacko mansion?
Leon met his partner-in-crime and childhood lover, Helving during middle school. They were inseparable. Their views were a little different with Leon wanting to put his penis in everything and Helving wanting world domination... so they compromised and just do a little of both. They began the mansion during their college years when Leon dropped out and Helving was in school to finish his medical degree. One of their professors, Byron, invested in the project and dedicated his life to working on it, later becoming a permanent 'dungeon master' in one of the Mansion's many themed parlors. 

3. How does Leon's Mansion work anyway? 
Leon started pulling in cash by starting fashion lines, Leon-brand products, and things of that sort to start his business up. He became fairly successful and his brand a well-known name. After establishing himself, he started introducing the richest and dirtiest people into his mansion- a place where people can visit or live for as long as they please. A resort of a sort, patrons are able to enter with VIP invitations. Leon's a bit of a germaphobe, so he makes sure everyone is as clean as possible before entry. The Mansion's above-ground houses the entry lobbies and hotel rooms for all the guests, and the below-ground portion has.. just about everything else- party rooms, fetish halls, dungeons, and dining halls all open for entry. Of course, this is Leon's permanent home, so its tailored to him. Many areas of the mansion are only open to him and his live-in help. He has his bedrooms, studios, laboratories, and private chambers scattered all over. The mansion is so massive its almost a maze- you will get lost and starve to death while trying to find an exit. 

4. So.. Kitten? 
Leon has an unquenchable thirst for attention, so he likes to keep a 'pet' around. Over the years, hes gone through hundreds. Leon is insane, so they either get killed for disobedience, kill themselves trying to escape, or Leon turns them into some horrible monster once he gets bored of them. Kitten on the other hand never did bore him. But I'll save that story for later 8^) 

5. How did you make this horrible story????
My partner VDEETZ and I used to roleplay a LOT in high school (many many years ago lmao). We wanted to make a story that we could dump all our sexual frustration and ideas into so we would stop turning all of our other RPs into pornos. It didnt work, but we got a really good story out of it. So yes, the story was co-created by both of us, and Helving and Kitten are both Deetz's OCs.

6. How long is Leon's story? 
As a roleplay, there's about 5 novels worth of pages already written. It's really long and really terrible and I'm making it into a comic that isnt terrible so you can all enjoy/hate Leon.

7. Leons Gloves
One important thing about Leon is that he is secretly very very afraid. One thing that hes afraid of is his bare hands touching anything. He wears gloves at all times- and I mean ALL times. He probably owns about a million pairs of them. He sleeps, showers, fucks, and will DIE with them on. In very intimate situations, hes let Helving and Kitten touch his bare hands, but its very moe and embarrassing and Leon would probably kill me for telling you. 

8. Leon is a bad person
There's no question that Leon is pure evil. He kidnaps people, murders his enemies, bends the law, buys his way out of problems, and does just about anything he wants. His mansion is a bubble that protects him from the real world and lets him to anything. Sure, hes insane, hes got alot of problems, but hes a monster. His relationships are toxic, he builds love out of manipulation and control, and will never be able to acclimate to normal society ever again. 

Gee wiz, kiddos, look at all that writing! Hope you enjoyed learning about Leon and how terrible he is! Of course there's a lot more than this... but youll have to wait for the comic 8^) Since he's so LEWD, I post most of him on tumblr... so enjoy it there haha.

I'm supposed to tag people but I dont know anyone on DA lmao
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DoodleWill Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
This is super interesting, Always did have an affection to characters who are insane monsters, I always see characters which seem a little boring, but LEON just sounds fun as hell... dangerous but fun!

Like riding a bike without a helmet!
Cavitees Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
leons more like riding a bike on a bike with no helmet in the dark 
DoodleWill Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Sharp-chivers Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Ahah Yes ! Never though you would actually do it but this is awsome. Leon is the kind of insane i love to watch, i'll definitely check those comics.

Great work !
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