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Brief Hiatus

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2016, 11:33 AM

New canvas copy by Cavitees

Webcomic News: 

I want to thank all of you for the support this last month! Fetish Field-Work has been doing fairly well and I owe it all to you guyz~ I’ll be taking the next week or two off though, so no updates until I’m back from taking care of irl stuff. 

Main Blog: (mostly tumblr but applies to DA and FA)

I’ll still be on to check messages/asks, so I’m not ‘gone’- I just wont have alot of time to make/post art for a week or so as well. I’ll be working on longer projects in my spare time until then, so I’ll have another mini-comic of Kitten to post when I get back! Something to look forward to. 


Commissions will also be open in a couple weeks! I just have to get re-settled and prepare for the onslaught. I have a waitlist right now, so if you’ve already asked me about it, I’ll probably message you personally letting you know I’m open again. If you’re itching for one and want to be on the waitlist until then, you can message me and I’ll make sure to let you know first! 

Anyway, thanks for the support fam. I’ll be back in a few weeks for commissions and new lewd comics! <3 

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