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Oh shit - thisa service leads me to suicide.
I've got picture of iPhone! but DA said "uploading"... "processing" - last leasts for hours and  leads to "can't process". I'm VERY angry.
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Deviant art regulary shows you cache of my gallery! It shows oldest 46, but know it 90+ deviations! So from now i will give working links in my Journal.

My Wallpapers & Icons:…
My Digital art:…
My Photography…
My Designs:…
My Comics:…
My Stamps:…
My Scraps:…
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Headache. I thought that 2gb new ram 4 server is ok, but my headache. Apache smiles me from deep pixels and nothing can help me.

Gallery shows only old works - shit! there are 20 new ones, nobody could watch them.
Paypal work with my country now, but now i  even don't want to subsript.... Headache
hurts me.
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