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The Thing About Movies

Something I've been working on (when I can) for a while, something I've wanted to do for quite some time.

From John Carpenter's 'The Thing' (1982), my favourite movie of all time. FAQ: No, the 2011 prequel/remake was a bit shit, really.

Left to right: Thomas Waites as Windows; Wilford Brimley as Blair; Richard Dysart as Copper; Charles Hallahan as Norris; Keith David as Childs; Kurt Russell as MacReady; Donald Moffat as Gary; T.K. Carter as Nauls; Richard Masur as Clarke; David Clennon as Palmer; Peter Maloney as Bennings; Joel Polis as Fuchs; and Jed (centre) as The Thing (sort of).
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Benninga is looking pretty sus right now

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God, the remake was awful. the original is definitely better :3

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2011 was a prequel but that sucked

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Very cool picture :D

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I love this art style!
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That's a fine nod to a pop culture classic! Though I've understood it was seen as kind of "trashy" at first, well certainly this piece gives it due credit!

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"You think that Thing wanted to be an animal?! No, you don't understand! That Thing wanted to be US!"
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No dog can make it a thousand miles to the coast.

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Your art is an awesome tribute to this horror classic ;) I've also done some of my own, if you wanna see:
The Thing, or Who Goes There? by Khialat

Anyone who has played L.A. Noire and Alien: Isolation has an experience of how well both of those games were made. We need at least as skillful and experienced game developer who can combine aspects from games L.A. Noire and Alien: isolation for new video game based on John Carpenter's the thing (1982) movie adaptation. We already have the technology and skillful developers to make the game. We need to imitate the experience of arctic research station's team members when they faced the The Thing.

I believe that one the greatest fears we experience as humans is when we let our instincts control us completely. Human brain takes back seat and a reptilian brain takes drivers seat:…

This new John carpenters The Thing (1982) game adaptation is built around that idea. This movie gave me idea how team members in that icey research station regressed back to animalistic and brutal actions to find the infiltrator. Team members used brutal and barbaric methods to ensure that the thing wouldn't escape to outside world. This was also their downfall. Trust corroded between men, because The Thing is stirrer. It will do anything to keep team members disorganized.

The games premise/idea is built around revealing one thing about sentient sapient beings: thought and arrogance of higher conciousness. Any alien civilization(more advanced than ours) was destroyed in the endless stream of purification(purification=fire) protocols, distrust, turmoil, disorder and barbarism in interrogation methods: barbarism 2. meaning: extreme cruelty or brutality. All alien societies were wiped by this eternal nomad(the thing) and this fate will also falls to human race if team members don't purge the alien soon enough.

Game wouldn't have fixed outcome/ending. There is no surety of victory and the game's length would last from 2-4 days in arctic station and game would be experienced from 1st person perspective. Games ending is based on how well you kept your humanity(you didn't use barbaric methods in interrogating the entire crew which resulted in you getting thrown and locked up in shack and thus mutations and assimilations spreading, don't worry, you can get out from shack but this will severely affect how other crew members perceive you as a threat and the ending) and acted quick enough effectively observing other team members, questioning their actions, motives and recent history, and searching environment, buildings and if you managed purge the thing at all.

Everyday the things genetic material survives and mutates and creates more havoc and sabotage around the base and you have search as many places as possible and find clues about the assimilated victim(and purify infested items, blood, food) and possibly find the thing in its purest form to purge as soon as possible to avoid losing other crew members to the thing. If assimilation is successfull and silent, the things create silent alliances(they recognize that they're the thing) but they don't show it. If left unchecked, these new perfect assimilations create even more chaos and death in the facility This is the part where we test our humanity: do we sacrifice humanity(diplomacy) for efficient barbaric interrogation methods(flamethrower, blowtorch, makeshift weapons, ballistic weapons such as revolver, pistol, shotgun) and destructive purification protocols or can we ensure our survival without losing our humanity? Diplomacy or barbarism.

When the thing creates havoc in the night and you hear it, player must wake and make difficult decisions for what actions he does next. Choices can lead to finding your other crew members, locating and fixing source of the problem, the thing leading you to a trap and assimilating you(or you commiting suicide). Waking at night and staying wake comes at the cost of sleep and thus your strength.

When you encounter the thing mutating, you have limited time to purify it carefully. You will see all horrific mutations it will go through and that's when its most vulnerable for a short amount of time. If the thing manages to infest you during mutation or attack, it's over.

The thing will make sure that you will NOT SLEEP. You will suffer from increasing amounts of sleep deprivation, anxiety, fear, paranoia, hunger which will affect your stamina, strength, motor skills, cognitive abilities, ability to resist damage and cold and most importantly: speech skill. You will need to be as subtle and silent with your questions and actions as the thing. Alien your communicating with is highly adaptive and very cunning. If he suspects that you think he is the thing, he will kill you very quickly if youre alone or in dark and/or remote area without other witnesses.

The thing will also make sure that all crew members will stay in disorder and distrust. The Thing is stirrer and disruptor. It makes everything in it's power to ensure that the people around it continue to tear apart each other. Only by organizing and trusting each other brings the victory.

You have to also make sure that you lock your sleeping room and set up security devices that will alarm you and/or kill if The Thing is trying lockpick the door of your room or your allies room(when it tries to assimiliate your allies in the dark from their room and the alarm is raised, you have to defend them).

Game's most important aspects are: Diplomacy(use it to organize and convince other team members to work with you), finesse(you have to subtle and silent with your actions and words, The Thing will not fall same trick twice, you have find and create new tactics to expose the chameleon) and quick thinking(learn as much as possible as early possible to create methods to find and expose the thing and kill it cleanly. Player learns about The Thing by gathering empirical data from it's mutations and survival mechanisms and researching it, (use laboratory). Your dialogue options for the next plan, tactic, decision depends on how much you have collected information thus far.

How long can you keep your humanity when the thing is testing your limits for sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, fear, hunger, paranoia and time is growing short. Sooner or later the player will have to make ultimatum based on how dire the situation is.

Player can choose from any character that appeared in a movie. Their occupational specialization function as perks and abilities, when they are doing research, repair, operating a helicopter, etc. All the thing's mutations must be unique, different and intricate(highly detailed).

This game will honor John Carpenter's movie adaptation.

Oh well, time to learn some programming.

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It really is a stunning film. Some of the best Body Horror I've ever encountered.
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Fantastic film and artwork!!!
An amazing masterpiece of art. I love your portrayal of all of the characters and the dogs reaction, just the way I felt in 1982 in the theater, seeing the Thing for the first time.
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Nice! I've always loved the "WTF" reactions of the dogs: "HEY! That ain't no damned dog!"
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Shame Blair doesn't have the axe, but fair enough
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I did consider that, but apart from another flamethrower Childs doesn't really have a prop. Feel like I should have given Blair the gun though.
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Now that sure brings the horror!!!!!!!!!!!
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Absolutely superb work. The movie is a masterpiece, my favorite horror movie and I could quote it all day lol.

You did a great job capturing each character's most memorable moments. 
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Very Nice!!!!
I like the faces from the dogs so much:=)
Go on with ur awesome work!
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