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VT - Double-O-Cuke (Countertop Ending)
[Cut to back with Bob and Larry on the Countertop once again.]
Larry: Now that was the best secret agent story that I ever heard in my life, Bob! I had
no idea how important it is to be careful when it comes to promises.
Bob: Exactly, Larry. Like I said, we have to be very careful when making a promise. But
anyway, we're over here by Qwerty to talk about what we've learned today.
[A secret agent version of the "What Have We Learned" song plays.]
Qwerty: (singing) /And so what we have learned
Applies to our lives today
And God has a lot to say
In his book/
Bob: Uh...
Larry: I like it, it's so... mysterious.
Bob: Yeah, I can tell.
Qwerty: (singing) /You see, we know that
God's word is for everyone
And now that our song is done,
We'll take a look/
Bob: In today's story, Double-O-Cuke learned that promises are very delicate and when
we make them, we have to be very careful in thinking about whether we can keep that
promise or not.
Larry: Right, or else when we break that promise, we'll let
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VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 8)
[Double-O-Cuke and Double-O-Caterpillar face Swelfeld and Fluffy-Wuffy after that.]
Double-O-Cuke: Alright, Swelfeld! What have you done with Double-O-Marrow?! We know that
you have him somewhere!
Swelfeld: *laughing* Oh, isn't that just an old cliche, Mr. Cuke. What makes you think
that I have one of your own agents held captive in my nice clean lair?
Double-O-Cuke: We know that you have him, Swelfeld! Our superior at SAS, the Secret
Agent Society, told us that Double-O-Marrow came here and was kidnapped!
Swelfeld: Oh, that's right! Now I remember! He did come here, but he's not here anymore!
I'm afraid you better get your instructions straight, Double-O-Cuke! Why would I want
to hold a SAS agent captive in my lair? I just had it vacuumed three days ago!
[Camera pans all around the lair, which is sparkling clean, which Double-O-Cuke and Double-
O-Caterpillar are amazed by.]
Double-O-Cuke: Wow, squeaky clean if you ask me.
Double-O-Caterpillar: But now the only question is, where is Do
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 10
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 7)
[Double-O-Cuke suddenly comes up with an idea after that.]
Double-O-Cuke: I've got an idea, Double-O-Caterpillar, see if you can try to reach into my
suit for one of T's gadgets!
Double-O-Caterpillar: I don't know if I can. Have you forgotten that we're both tied to this
Double-O-Cuke: It may be our only chance!
Double-O-Caterpillar: Oh, alright!
[Double-O-Caterpillar wiggles repeatedly while still tied up, until he finally frees himself
from the ropes, before reaching into Double-O-Cuke's suit, and pulling out another gadget,
this one looking like a paddleball. Double-O-Caterpillar also brings out the instructions
for the paddleball-like device for Double-O-Cuke to read.]
Double-O-Cuke: Let's see here, *reading* "The Paddle Grappling Hook, not just for amusement
anymore and guaranteed to get you out of any sticky situation." *grunting* If only I could
free myself so that I can use it!
Double-O-Caterpillar: Say no more, Double-O-Cuke! Leaves are not the only thing that this
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 7
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 6)
[Scene switches to back with Double-O-Cuke and Double-O-Caterpillar still heading
Southeast while following the Hover Dish.]
Double-O-Cuke: I gotta say, T is a real genius to have come up with something as great
as this Hover Dish. We should be able to find Double-O-Marrow in no time now.
Double-O-Caterpillar: I wish I could share your enthusiasm, Double-O-Cuke, but I've
got a feeling that it won't be as easy as you think it is.
Double-O-Cuke: Fear not, Double-O-Caterpillar, I promise that nothing dangerous or
unforeseen will happen as long as I'm here!
Double-O-Caterpillar: Uh, Double-O-Cuke, about that- *gasps* Duck!
Double-O-Cuke: Duck? Where?
Double-O-Caterpillar: Not that kind of duck!
[Double-O-Cuke then looks up to see what looks like a hat flying towards him and Double-
O-Caterpillar as he quickly ducks down while yelling out, just as the hat suddenly hits
a post behind them, which leaves a dent in the post. Double-O-Cuke and Double-O-Caterpillar
pick themselves up in time to s
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 7
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 5)
[Cut to the next day, where a plane is flying across the sky towards the direction of
Tahiti. Scene switches to inside the plane, where Double-O-Cuke, Double-O-Caterpillar,
Double-O-Jimmy, and Double-O-Jerry are sitting in their seats. Double-O-Cuke is seen
talking to T on his communicator.]
Double-O-Cuke: Well, T, we're on our way to Tahiti now.
T: (over radio) That's great, Double-O-Cuke.
Double-O-Cuke: And I gotta tell you, having to fly coach is the pits. The seats are as
hard as rocks, the view from the plane is terrible-
Double-O-Jimmy: And not to mention that these in-flight meals taste terrible.
T: (over radio) Well, sometimes, when you travel on a mission, you can't always expect
to be given the lap of luxury. But anyway, Cuke, try to remember that business comes
before pleasure once you arrive.
Double-O-Cuke: What's my mission again, T?
T: (over radio) You have to find Swelfeld and try to find out what happened to Double-
Double-O-Cuke: Oh, right. I knew that. I pro
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 12
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 4)
Double-O-Cuke: Who turned out the lights?!
Double-O-Jimmy: I don't know, but I can't eat in the dark!
Double-O-Jerry: Me neither!
[Double-O-Cuke still fumbles in the dark, before inadvertently turning on one of T's
inventions, which is a flashlight shaped like an anglerfish. After turning on the
flashlight, Double-O-Cuke then finds the instructions for the anglerfish-shaped
flashlight, as he reads them.]
Double-O-Cuke: *reading* "The Angler Light. Guaranteed to light up any dark area,
much like the light of an anglerfish would lure in its prey." Wow, no wonder it's
called the Angler Light. That really is a bright idea.
[Suddenly, the sound of Pauline screaming is heard, which catches Double-O-Cuke,
Double-O-Caterpillar, Double-O-Jimmy, and Double-O-Jerry's attention. Double-O-Cuke
shines the Angler Light at the stage, where Pauline and Rita are being kidnapped
by several pea agents of SLINKY, led by a pea named Brick-a-Brack (played by Jean-
Claude Pea).]
Pauline: Let go, you brutes!
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 4
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 3)
[Double-O-Cuke approaches Double-O-Caterpillar at the counter.]
Double-O-Cuke: I was wondering where you were. I mean, it was kinda hard to find you,
what with you being tiny and all.
Double-O-Caterpillar: Understood. I was wondering when you were going to show up, and
boy am I happy to see you here.
Double-O-Cuke: Likewise. And as long as I'm here, I'm feeling in the mood for a drink
right about now.
[Double-O-Cuke faces the counter, where a Restauranteur (played by Archibald Asparagus)
comes up to him.]
Restauranteur: May I help you, sir? Can I get you anything?
Double-O-Cuke: Root beer, please. Shaken, not stirred.
Restauranteur: Actually, it's not a good idea to shake root beer. Because the force of
shaking causes carbonation to build up from inside the bottle or can, which therefore,
will result in a big mess once the bottle or can is opened after shaking.
Double-O-Cuke: Oh, well, in that case, then not shaken, but not stirred.
Restauranteur: Whatever you say, sir.
[In the backgro
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 4 11
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 2)
[Scene switches to the headquarters of the Secret Agent Society (SAS), where Double-
O-Cuke enters the office after having gotten a note.]
Double-O-Cuke: Alright, T, I got your note and I got here as fast as I could!
[No answer, as Double-O-Cuke looks around.]
Double-O-Cuke: T? Where are you? Anyone here?
???: (Off-screen) Down here, Double-O-Cuke.
[Camera pans down to show that Double-O-Cuke standing on top of T (played by Bob the
Tomato) after accidentally walking on him.]
T: *straining* Please get off of me!
Double-O-Cuke: Ah! Sorry, T!
[Double-O-Cuke quickly jumps off of T, who starts breathing heavily afterwards.]
T: *breathing heavily* Next time, remember not to stand on top of your superiors.
Double-O-Cuke: Sorry.
[T faces Double-O-Cuke again after that.]
T: Alright, Double-O-Cuke, tell me what happened today in Venice.
Double-O-Cuke: Well, you see, T. This lady named Sophia Loganford was in trouble, so
I had to save her from Rack and Pinion from SLINKY.
T: The Sneaky League of
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 260
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Part 1)
[The screen is completely dark, before what looks like a circular hole slides
slowly across the screen, at the same time that an agent named Double-O-Cuke
(played by Larry the Cucumber) passes by into view. Double-O-Cuke then
faces the hole before he pulls out a bowl of pudding as he scoops up a spoonful
of pudding then slings the pudding directly at the screen, covering the screen
in pudding. The pudding then slides down the screen, revealing the story's
title, "Double-O-Cuke", before fading away after that. We are then treated to
a montage of scenarios being played out in silhouette form James Bond-style.]
(Song plays about being a secret agent as well as also remembering how important
it is for a secret agent to follow the most important rule of a secret agent,
such as making and keeping a promise.)
[After the song ends, scene cuts to in the city of Venice, Italy, where we see
a young woman by the name of Sophia Loganford (played by Petunia Rhubarb) looking
around the city, before a
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 4 5
VT - Double-O-Cuke (Countertop Intro)
[Scene opens to on the Countertop, where Bob is waiting on the Countertop, while
Larry is nowhere to be found.]
Bob: Larry? Larry! Where are you?! The show's about to start! *turns and faces the
viewers* Oh, hi, kids! I'm Bob the Tomato, and I believe that Larry the Cucumber
is supposed to be here, but I don't know where he is. He promised me that he'd
meet me early today because we have a special show for all of you today.
[Larry suddenly shows up after that.]
Larry: Here I am, Bob! *panting*
Bob: There you are, Larry. What took you so long?
Larry: Well, I was gonna show up earlier like I said, so I left home early. But
while I was driving, I got a call from Jimmy and Jerry asking me if I could help
them with recycling their pizza boxes. So I went to help them with recycling their
pizza boxes, but it turned out that the amount of pizza boxes that they had was
exceedingly monumentous, so it took us around an hour to take all of them to the
recycling center. I tried telling them that I
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 5 7
Thank you for 100,000 pageviews by Cave-Cat-87 Thank you for 100,000 pageviews :iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 5 47
VT - LarryBoy and the Doubt Raccoon (Part 9)
[Jimmy and Jerry have heard everything that LarryBoy said, before realizing that LarryBoy
is right and that they shouldn't doubt themselves anymore.]
Jimmy: He's right, Jerry. Why should we worry?
Jerry: Yeah, why?
Jimmy: So we made a little mistake just because we were hungry. And Dr. Glocken may have
gotten mad at us for what we did, but we can't let that bring us down.
Doubt Raccoon: *roaring in shock*
Jimmy: I guess we are still good employees to Dr. Glocken and everyone else at the Bumblyburg
Science and Technology Lab.
Jerry: We work hard and we never complain about it!
Jimmy: You got that right, brother. And even without a meal to celebrate Skylar's birthday,
we'll still celebrate it no matter what! And that's certainly something to be thankful for.
[The Doubt Raccoon becomes even more shocked and horrified after hearing these words from
Jimmy and Jerry, that it causes him to drop them, before LarryBoy is able to save them and
bring them back safely to the ground.]
Doubt Raccoon
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 98
VT - LarryBoy and the Doubt Raccoon (Part 8)
[LarryBoy still swings through Bumblyburg as he starts to catch up with the now-
giant Doubt Raccoon.]
LarryBoy: Almost there! Almost there!
[The Doubt Raccoon still stomps through town, just as LarryBoy starts to swing up
to him from behind.]
LarryBoy: Hold it right there, pal!
[The Doubt Raccoon stops in his tracks before turning around to face LarryBoy after
Doubt Raccoon: Oh, it's you again! The incompetent superhero!
LarryBoy: That's me! But I'm not incompetent! It was just a minor fluke!
Doubt Raccoon: *laughing* A minor fluke, my foot! I know a big mistake when I see
one, and you're certainly no exception!
[LarryBoy is a little shaken up and doubtful after the Doubt Raccoon says this,
before Alfred's words start echoing in his head.]
Alfred: (V/O) When you doubt yourself, then you end up not only giving yourself a
low opinion of yourself, but you're also weakening your will. God would not want
you to doubt yourself just because of something terrible that's happening.
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 2 82
VT - LarryBoy and the Doubt Raccoon (Part 7)
[Scene switches to back with LarryBoy sadly hopping down the sidewalk, at the same
time that Jimmy and Jerry are still depressed. All three are unaware that a larger
figure is now starting to approach them.]
LarryBoy: I have failed. How can I be Bumblyburg's greatest superhero if I can't
even catch a little raccoon?
[LarryBoy sits down on a bench in sadness after that. Camera pulls back to show that
the bench that LarryBoy is sitting on is the same bench that Jimmy and Jerry are
also sitting on. LarryBoy forlornly looks over at Jimmy and Jerry without a second
thought, but after a few seconds, he becomes surprised before looking at Jimmy and
Jerry again.]
LarryBoy: Jimmy! Jerry! I found you two!
Jimmy: *sadly* Why are you so worried about us, LarryBoy? We're nothing but a couple
of screw-ups who can't do anything right.
[LarryBoy suddenly begins to remember what Alfred told him.]
LarryBoy: Alfred was right, doubting oneself can only lead to trouble.
Jimmy: What do you mean? We made one
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 4 82
VT - LarryBoy and the Doubt Raccoon (Part 6)
[Cut to the Channel 1 News van now parked next to Bumblyburg Park, where Petunia
Rhubarb and her new cameraman Marvin Marrow are taking a little break.]
Petunia: *sighs* There must be something interesting going on that's worth
Marvin: But where do we even look? We've not found anything to report in quite
a while.
Petunia: You're right, Marvin, we haven't. But who knows? Maybe something will
come up when we least expect it.
[Marvin nods in understanding, before looking to see the Larrymobile driving
towards Bumblyburg Park.]
Marvin: Uh, Petunia? Is that LarryBoy I see coming?
Petunia: *suddenly intrigued* LarryBoy? That's it! We've found something worth
reporting, Marvin!
[The Larrymobile parks next to Bumblyburg Park as LarryBoy gets out and hops
across the sidewalk while still looking rather doubtful, unaware that Petunia
and Marvin are now starting to approach him. The Doubt Raccoon peeks out from
the bushes after that. Petunia then faces Marvin, who turns on the camera.]
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 2 99
VT - LarryBoy and the Doubt Raccoon (Part 5)
[Scene switches to City Hall, where Mayor Blueberry (played by Madame Blueberry)
is looking over some paper work, before she hears the door knocking.]
Mayor Blueberry: Who is it?
[No answer, before the door continues knocking once again.]
Mayor Blueberry: I said, who is it?
[There is still no answer, before the door knocks once again. Cut to outside the
office, where the Doubt Raccoon is revealed to be the one knocking on the door.
The Doubt Raccoon then scampers away, just as Mayor Blueberry opens the door, but
doesn't find anyone at the door.]
Mayor Blueberry: Zat's strange. I thought zat someone was knocking on my door. If
zis is an idea of a practical joke, zen I am not laughing!
Doubt Raccoon: (Off-screen) You're right, my dear. It's not a practical joke.
Mayor Blueberry: Who said zat?
Doubt Raccoon: *appearing in front of Mayor Blueberry* I did! Surprise!
Mayor Blueberry: Oh! A raccoon! In City Hall! Away wiz you! Filthy vermin!
[Mayor Blueberry picks up a broom and starts swingi
:iconcave-cat-87:Cave-Cat-87 3 70


The VITH Movie - Part Two
[Later, Jason and Michelle have a whole notebook of plans, and are sitting of the Couch.  The VeggieTales gang is on the Coffee Table.]
Bob: Alright, you two.  Everyone's all here.
Jason & Michelle: We see that.
Michelle: Should I start, or should you?
Jason: Don't worry about it.  I'll go when you want me to.
Michelle: Okay.  Now, everyone, look at the TV.
[When they do, Michelle uses the remote to turn it on and enter the password to something called…]
Bob: Netflix?
Larry: What's that?
Michelle: Just keep watching.
[Jason takes over the remote and picks the Kids account.  The Veggies become stunned to see so many movies and TV series.]
Jimmy: Wow, so many choices on there.
Jerry: Hey, there's a few of our DVDs on there!
Junior: That's so cool!
Laura: I don't see a lot of Christian shows on there.  It's mostly just fantasy stuff.
Michelle: That's where the
:iconveggiemaniac:VeggieManiac 4 4
The VITH Movie - Part One
[The scene opens to the VITH House in the morning light.  As the opening credits play, we explore different areas of the House interior and see lots of our favorite veggies in the area.  When the opening credits finish, we see a house shaped like pots on the Countertop.  Bob's voice is heard from offscreen, calling out for and/or to someone.]
Bob: (offscreen) Larry!  Where are you?!
[Bob suddenly comes out of the kitchen, looking frantic.]
Bob: Where could he be?
[He suddenly hears a faint snore from offscreen.]
Bob: Huh?
[He heads upstairs.  Scene switches to Larry's room.  Larry is fast asleep in bed, gently snoring; there is a bunch of papers by his side.  Bob quietly opens the door to see this.  Larry stirs, but not enough to wake up.]
Bob: *sighs* Typical Larry, always sleeping when we have important business to take care of.
[Larry turns on his side, still asleep, as Bob hops up on the bed and to his side.]
:iconveggiemaniac:VeggieManiac 3 2
It's time for giveaway! Hope you like & good luck!
I've made a lot giveaways and all of them worked very well. Then, I'll use the same simple system.
Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] HOW TO JOIN:  
1. You must be watching me
2. You must favourite this journal
3. Post a journal on your profile, talking about and publicizing this giveaway (required)
4. After doing this 3 steps, you're already competing this giveaway!
Very simple & easy!
Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] HOW WILL I CHOOSE THE WINNER?

1. I will use to pick a random number
2. I will see who faved this journal:
3. "clicking in (who?) there will be numbered list of deviants who fav'd this journal. Each one has a number.
If your number matches the number sorted by, you win!
4. There will be a video to proof the legit resul
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A live-action movie about The Shy Stegosaurus
I read a book called The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek, story by Evelyn Sibley Lampman, and I watch one of stories in CBS Storybreak on Youtube.

I wise someone make a movie about The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek with a live-action Stegosaurus named George, like dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World I watch.
:iconmcsaurus:MCsaurus 4 14
Brush Pen Snoopy by spongefox Brush Pen Snoopy :iconspongefox:spongefox 95 1 'Your mothers wear flea collars!' by cmara 'Your mothers wear flea collars!' :iconcmara:cmara 51 6 Ask Larry by danigirl1718 Ask Larry :icondanigirl1718:danigirl1718 8 77 I'm selling girl scout cookies. by grim1978 I'm selling girl scout cookies. :icongrim1978:grim1978 19 3 I have the kingdom key! by WileE2005 I have the kingdom key! :iconwilee2005:WileE2005 7 3
Forgotten Cartoons Episode 5: Mr. Bogus
Welcome to "Forgotten Cartoons" everyone. Today, I am taking a look at a 1990's cartoon requested by Cave-Cat-87 called "Mr. Bogus".
"Mr. Bogus" was created by Peter Keefe and aired in syndication from September 1991 through November 1993 with a total of 3 seasons. The series follows the adventures of Mr. Bogus, a yellow gremlin-like creature who lives in the walls of the suburban home of Tommy Anybody. Bogus has adventures in all kinds of places throughout the series, alternately creating problems and/or accidentally solving them.
This is both the first series I am reviewing on "Forgotten Cartoons" that is one I had never seen before or heard of, and also the first one that isn't a Cartoon Network show. Thus, I thought that this would be an interesting one to take a look at, having no idea what to expect. What do I think of it? Well, it's crazy, it's disjointed, it's chaotic, and it's really fun.
This is one of those shows that you watch if you just want a non-stop ride of wackiness a
:iconowenogletree:OwenOgletree 2 3
Movie Reviews: Garfield and His 9 Lives

Garfield and His 9 Lives
Lorenzo Music as Garfield
Thom Huge as Jon Arbuckle, the Caveman, Junior, Soldier, and the Computer
Greg Berger as Odie, the Jester, the Scientist, and the Narrator
Nino Tempo as Luigi and Black Bart
Sandi Huge as Garfield’s Mother
Carolyn Davis as Sarah
Frank Welker as Mendelson
C. Lindsay Workman as God
Directed by: Jim Davis, Phil Roman, Doug Frankel, Ruth Kissane, Bill Littlejohn, Bob Nesler, Bob Scott, George Singer and John Sparey
Distributed by: 9 Story Media Group
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Anthology/Based on Comic Book
Year of Release: 1988
Synopsis: Based on the comic book of the same name by Jim Davis, the story in this American animated film centers around the 9 lives of Garfield the cat, told from his perspective to the audience.
Personal Comments: Before I begin with today’s subject, I need to get the oblig
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 4 39
VT K-Girl Live Action Movie - Dark Carrot Invader by Magic-Kristina-KW VT K-Girl Live Action Movie - Dark Carrot Invader :iconmagic-kristina-kw:Magic-Kristina-KW 14 13 VT - Night Pony and Dark Crow by Percyfan94 VT - Night Pony and Dark Crow :iconpercyfan94:Percyfan94 17 1 Love Hurts by danigirl1718 Love Hurts :icondanigirl1718:danigirl1718 5 14 Archie sketches by danigirl1718 Archie sketches :icondanigirl1718:danigirl1718 6 9 Be mine by danigirl1718 Be mine :icondanigirl1718:danigirl1718 7 7



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