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The Greater Flame #5: Holy Ovens and a Racist Barn

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Twilight introduces Firespite to her friends, and learns a lot about how differently fire ponies think.

Written by me, drawn by :iconbonaxor:

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the apples are definitely not part of the kkk.
they're just early for nightmare night.
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DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
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CaustizerHobbyist Writer
So I'm not the only one who heard that =P
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AduroTriProfessional Writer
Firesprite might love one of my non-pony characters, who created a robe comprised entirely of ethereal flames. (Made from a fabric that allows one to mold energy into the thread as its being woven.)
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HakunaroHobbyist Digital Artist
A good start! :D Love Applejack's bit lol
Can't wait to see the reactions of the other ponies~ :la:
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CaustizerHobbyist Writer
Next comic should be ready by tomorrow. :)
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HakunaroHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! :la:
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Okay, get Firespite away from that barn five minutes ago, unless you want your heirs to have to build another racist barn.
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joeyjumper94Student Digital Artist
applejack's concern about an open flame are understandable an open flame combined with flour can cause a dust explosion

A combustible dust
check, we have flour

The dust is suspended in the air at a sufficiently high concentration
check, there is a visible cloud of flour in the last 2 panels

There is an oxidant (typically atmospheric oxygen)
check, everyone can breathe

There is an ignition source
check, that would be Firespite's flaming body

The area is confined - a building can be considered an enclosure
check, it seems to be in a barn like building

we will probably see a dust explosion in the next sequence
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yeah, I can still remember the Roland mill explosion. Just one street closer to the mill, there was still enough force to break some windows.
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That was hilarious, very nicely done, keep up the great work.
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I would like to join this religion!
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CaustizerHobbyist Writer
Buweee! A convert! ^w^
templar127's avatar
What are the initiation rites/ritual/process? XD 
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CaustizerHobbyist Writer
A trip into the holy ovens in Pyre Hold. I hope you brought some sunscreen! =P
templar127's avatar
I did! SPF: Celestia's butt

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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
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nice cupcake face totally doesn't make you look like a scary savage hungry for blood lol
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ok so that leaves dash, rarity, and pinkie pie this should be interesting X3
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and wow really firespite seems to been misunderstanding a lot of information including thinking fluttershy is hunting 
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lol misunderstanding from accident in the barn XDDDD seems to me correct if i'm wrong (because i don't want to be unintentionally offensive :( ) the flour bags and powder makes it seems like a they were dressing up as a pony version of the kkk racist guys from history that dressed in white robes or something if i recalled correctly. 
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Best be careful. For some reason, flour powder clouds in the air are extremely flammable. Quick way to light a huge fire ball right into the barn...
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
Yep, flour and open flames is a bad combination.

Also, why didn´t Twilight ask Firespite to keep her flames out for now?
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Wow that part with Applejack is great. 
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